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Chat/ notifications have not been working since I started playing this game (iOS)

Joined Jun 2018 Posts: 1

Ever since I have been playing this game (level 32) i cannot get the chat/Notifications function to work,
I get is a greyed out background, and a swirling icon with a message saying “you are offline”
I have done every update, contacted support 3-4 times and cannot get a answer,
And the person who tries to answer, I get a link to a kixeye page that says “page not found”
So I can’t even communicate with the person who is trying to troubleshoot the problem.

If anyone can help, or get a dev to look into this, it would be greatly appreciated, as I’m dumping money into a game that I cannot use a function that is very helpful ( seeing replays, etc,,

Thank you..

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