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VEGA Conflict is great and has great potential to become better still. The player base needs something to liven up the scene and bring more new players who get hooked and not leave after a day of playing. VEGA could start a new barder, trade, and currency system that would help players be more interactive.Ships, credits, and crafting would help many people who are desperate to get rid of stuff for currency they need to get better things. A set price would have to be set price for these things would have to be established and inflammations could be a thing if an item get abused or becomes to popular. Ships would be calculated on their worth by the stuff equipped and/or have an auction to get the most out of a ship. Having a private trade could also be a thing so players who are particularly interested in something they need can get it from a friend or buyer without having to stress over looking in market. This could bring a lot of interest from the community and the devs. More items and things for players like exclusive ships and more types of markets(factions like Iron star and Demon crops) could have a market with stuff their aren’t blueprints for. To make this system work their needs to be a change in the way blood amber and coins work. Their needs to be a currency exchange available for blood amber and coins. This would make it easier to get both and endorse more buying coins cause the deals and reasons the devs give us now has no real point if we can get that stuff easily at some point. The exchange could work like this 2 coins are worth 1 blood an the same going the other way. This will help also to make more things amber or coin exclusive so that the markets on them never mix and take the meaning of the exchange away. For instance the black market should only accept blood. That’s all for the concept but now the restrictions and rules.

No selling upgrade credits of any kind
Both parties must agree within 24 hours on an auction trade or proposed private trades
When someone sells a ship everyone should be able to seek the build
Ships can only be bought for with blood so no low level can just get a ship way beyond their power and coins calculated for the equipment on the ship

Please any ideas and thoughts on this an it maybe added. Getting this noticed could really help the game

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