8.23 Downtime & Release Notes

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The following Changes & Fixes have been applied in the Wednesday, June 6th update.

  • [PVP Improvements]

    • A successful attack against an Alliance-mate now results in a loss of Infamy for the defender.

    • Voluntarily deactivating damage protection now results in your base being unable to re-enter damage protection for 10 minutes.

    • Small amounts of Infamy can be gained by destroying enemy platoons.

  • [Invasion] Fight off waves of Onyx forces to win Sharpshooter Tokens, Units, and more. Read the full briefing HERE.

  • [Turrets] Added firing animations for the Onyx, Avalanche, Machine Gun, Mortar, Plasma, Flak, Firebomb Artillery, and Napalm Turrets.

  • [Security Update] An exploit resulting in untargetable platoons by locking them in combat has been fixed. We will be investigating disciplinary action for offending accounts.

  • [Performance] Battle server performance has been significantly improved. This will be most noticeable when the server is under heavy load.

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