8.22 Downtime & Release Notes

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The following Changes & Fixes have been applied on the Wednesday, May 30th update.

  • [PVP Improvements Coming Soon]

    • A successful attack against an Alliance-mate will result in a loss of Infamy for the defender

    • Voluntarily deactivating damage protection will result in your base being unable to re-enter damage protection for 5 minutes

    • Small amounts of Infamy can be gained by destroying enemy platoons

  • [June Gear Store Update] Max and Roland Tech, plus much more is now available!

  • [Prophet Boss Base] You can now Blitz the Prophet Boss Base!

  • [Blitzable Bases] New bases are now available to Blitz:

    • Omega Titan

    • Omega Hydra

    • Omega Sandstorm

  • Realigned the Power Bar Efficiency Marker for better accuracy

  • Made the Blitz icon smaller to increase visibility on World Map bases

  • Spawned units in the Thorium 75 base now first appear by the Thorium Mine, instead of in the middle of the base

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