8.20 Downtime & Release Notes

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The following Changes & Fixes have been applied on the Wednesday, May 16th update.

  • [Operation: Source Code] Learn the truth about the Onyx awakening. Win the brand new Sharpshooter unit, and Galen, the Single-Use Caretaker Hero.

  • [Loot Chest Descriptions] Components displayed in Loot Chests now indicate which Unit they can be equipped to, and click on it to see more details about your prize!

  • [Minimum Range] Hovering over a friendly unit with Minimum Range or utilizing the Attack Move command will now display a unit’s Minimum Range

  • [Unit Organization in Tech Center/Academy/Hangar] Units are now separated into different categories reflecting the eras that those units were introduced in.

  • [Alt-Click] Using the Alt-Click command a Platoon now allows you to enter Move Mode. Alt-Clicking an empty Hex opens the Call Platoon mode

  • [Building Descriptions] Added Platoon Capacity UI to the staging area

  • [Defensive Waves] Added a customizable timer to defensive waves before the battle starts. Units in the waves will spawn after the timer has completed, or you can click “Start Now!” to begin the wave.

  • An exploit where players could remove dead units from certain Platoons has been fixed

  • Fixed an issue where battles involving PVP Aircraft Platoons would not end after all units have been killed in a PVE base.

  • Fixed an issue where a player could spawn multiple Siege Squadrons in a single battle

  • Fixed an issue in the Darkstorm Boss Base where destroying the Radar would not disable the Aura after the first attempt

  • Fixed an issue where the Power Bars would appear on the World Map

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