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8.20 Path to the Continent

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Path to The Continent

Advance through these familiar Co-Op targets on your way to stop Zoe from taking over the Glowing Sea. These are single silo Co-Op Targets, so you’re going to want to grab a friend to complete these, or if you have a friend who has fallen behind this is your chance to help them catch up. Victory means that you can earn the Buccaneer, Peak Acceleration Cannon, Mass Augmentation Nexus, and Buccaneer Build Tokens.

  • Run Time:  5/15 at Noon PDT to 5/22 at Noon PDT

  • Note: Only the player who starts this TLC will get the rewards.  You can help any number of players complete their Co-Op TLCs, but the prize only goes to the person who starts the campaign.

  • Prizes:

  • Target #1 - Assault

    • Buccaneer Blueprint

    • Peak Acceleration Cannon

    • Mass Augmentation Nexus

  • Target #2 - Skirmish

    • 3 x 1 Day Buccaneer Build Tokens

    • 5 x 6,000 VXP Buccaneer Tokens

  • Target #3 - Siege Target

    • 7 x 1 Day Buccaneer Tokens

    • 5 x 30,000 VXP Buccaneer Tokens

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