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8.20 Siege Target Transition

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Siege Target Transition

With the end of the Siege Cycle, the new Legion Siege Targets will be replacing the Scourge Siege Targets.  Starting May 15th, the new Legion Targets will begin spawning along side the Scourge Targets. Then on June 13 the Scourge Siege Targets will no longer spawn.

Base Parts can now be used to to upgrade the new building and defense platform levels introduced with Outpost Level 10.

You will want the Buccaneer or Hydra Siege Cruiser for the high level new targets.  You can earn the Buccaneer in the Path to the Continent Campaign running right now.

Old Targets

Base Parts Payouts         

New Targets                  

Base Parts Payout

Scourge Siege 30              


Legion Siege 32


Scourge Siege 52


Legion Siege 52


Scourge Siege 67


Legion Siege 67


Scourge Siege 81


Legion Siege 82


Scourge Siege 99


Legion Siege 98


Scourge Siege 103


Legion Siege 105


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