8.19 Downtime & Release Notes

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The following Changes & Fixes have been applied on the Wednesday, May 9th update.

  • [Blitz] Win second sets of prizes from eligible bases using Gold!

    • Current eligible bases

      • Metal, Oil, and Thorium

    • Additional bases will be added in the future

  • [Mission System] Win Metals, Thorium, and Units by completing challenging new Missions.

    • Please note that the new Mission System will not be available directly after downtime. There are a few known issues that we will be testing on the live servers before we enable it for everyone.

    • Example Missions

      • Kill 1000 of any unit

      • Kill 100 Riflemen

      • Destroy 10 Command Centers

      • Destroy 1000 Walls

      • Destroy 10 Rogue Faction bases

  • [Warpath] Gain Honor, climb the leaderboard, and lay waste to your enemies. Win powerful Blood Thorium and Medals in this time-limited PVP event.

  • [Invasion] There are spiders everywhere! Fend them off to win Units and Training Tokens! This is your best chance to win Training Tokens for the Envoy.

  • [Morale] In efforts to combat the “Ring of Fire” behavior, Platoons on the World Map are now affected by Morale. If a Platoon loses a battle, they will then suffer Low Morale. Losing a battle while in Low Morale sends that Platoon back to their base.

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