Downtime & Release Notes 2018.4.29

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VEGA Conflict is undergoing downtime at 8PM PDT on April 29th, 2018. The downtime is expected to last for 2 1/2 hours.

Greetings, all. We have gathered enough intel to know there are Altairian Outposts scattered in the Void. We must prepare, the monthly event BLINDSIDE will begin on May 3rd, support for this event and its content have been deployed. Keep your eyes on the VEGA Conflict social media pages, as well as in-game messaging, for news updates surrounding the new content.

Additional changes in this release are listed below:


  • [Base] The Altairian Outposts have been spotted in the Void. These constructs will feature Altairian Technology and a new level of difficulty to overcome. Altairian Outposts will feature the new Pylon Emitter Barriers to create pathways, fortified areas, and outpost structures within the Altairian outposts. These Pylons are destructible, but until these are removed from the battlefield, the barrier produced between Pylons are impenetrable by normal weapon fire. Unless an Inquisitor Destroyer is part of your fleet with its base wall pierce ability.


  • [Ship] Altairian long range artillery ship, The Inquisitor Destroyer. Its Overdrive is designed to lay waste to objects in its firing path. After several shots are fired, the Ballista Overdrive reaches critical mass. While active, weapons are given enhanced projectile range and a high rate of pierce, including the ability to pierce walls.

  • [Tech] The Altairian Lancer Driver is a devastating weapon in the hands of the pilots. A single accurate shot can pierce multiple modules and travel farther than any previous driver tech.
  • Upgradable options for the Lancer Driver weapon:
  • [Tech] The Ballistic Sabot allows a Driver projectile to travel further than before, by reducing its maximum targeting range.
  • [Tech] The Phased Solenoid provides Shield Bypass, and additional speed to Driver projectiles, by using energy from your shields to power the weapons.
  • [Tech] Deflector Shield, reinforcement that defends against Projectile based weapons, but is weak to other sources of damage.

  • [Tech] Support for Deflector Resonant Armor.


Balance Changes Thread can be found here:

  • [Login] Fixed an issue that was stopping players from logging into facebook on specific devices

  • [Login] Fixed an issue with players unable to login to steam on mobile

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