Updated: 8.17 Downtime & Release Notes

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The following Changes & Fixes have been applied on the Thursday, April 26th update.

Shadow Ops: Cult of Brutality

A new Shadow Ops campaign begins and an unstoppable force is making its way into the Sector. Introducing the Prophet - a highly advanced piece of Sentinel weaponry that launches piercing projectiles that damage all units and buildings in its path. Cut through your enemies like a hot knife through butter.

Read the full briefing here.

Raid Update

Sphinx, Hades, and Apollo Diamond Tech is now available, plus Silver and Gold Bases have been updated. The following Diamond Tech is no longer available in Raids:

  • Liberator

  • Fury

  • Drakon

Read the full briefing here.

New Academy Levels

Five new levels have been added to the Academy. Similar to the Tech Center, future units will require additional academy levels to fully upgrade. We are releasing the additional academy levels early to give you extra time to upgrade them in advance of the upcoming units.

  • Levels 11-12 require CC12

  • Levels 13-15 require CC13

Power Plant HP Buff

Power Plants HP has been increased to better fit its new meta after the Power rework. See below for the updated HP stats.

  • Level 1: 5,000

  • Level 2: 11,200

  • Level 3: 22,500

  • Level 4: 35,100

  • Level 5: 78,000

  • Level 6: 120,900

  • Level 7: 244,800

  • Level 8: 379,100

  • Level 9: 726,600

  • Level 10: 1,125,600

  • Level 11: 1,994,400

  • Level 12: 2,280,000

  • Level 13: 2,750,000

  • Level 14: 3,125,000

  • Level 15: 3,780,000

General Fixes & Improvements

  • Loading times have been significantly reduced

  • A rare issue where Tech would equip to incorrect units has been fixed

  • An issue where overdriven Power Plant explosion animations would replay when loading bases has been fixed

  • Scouting enemy bases no longer displays required power at 0

  • Level 2 Bases can no longer engage in PVP

  • Removed an instance where placeholder text would display when a Level 2 base attempts a PVP battle

  • Fixed a display issue where Resource buildings appeared to be affected by low power

  • Fixed an issue where the Darkstorm’s Aura would not affect Bunkers

  • This fix didn't make it into the update and will be released at a later time
    This issue has now been fixed as of 3pm PDT on April 27th

  • Ending combat after killing Onyx units no longer prevents them from reviving

  • Fixed an issue where Turrets were firing at unintended speeds

  • The description for Elite and Omega Siege Squadron Parts have been updated for accuracy

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