New Blitz Feature, here's how it works

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Blitz is a new feature in VEGA Conflict that allows players to earn the exact same amount of points and rewards after a successful attack against specific enemy PvE targets. Here’s how it works:


  • After a successful attack, the player will be presented with an pop-up to “Blitz” the target again for a coin cost.

  • The cost of Blitzing a target is based off of the amount of damage you take from the successful battle win. This amount is then presented as the base cost to Blitz.

  • Same amount of repair they received in the original hit, is the only repair cost the player will have to pay. There is no repair cost associated with Blitzing a target.

  • Blitzing a target will give the following benefits:

  • Same amount of rewarded Intel they received in the original hit

  • Re-roll of target loot tables and mystery box win chance percentage

  • In order to use the Blitz feature, you must:

  • Attack and win against the Blitz targets identified by a “Blitz” icon that’s viewable from the Planet/Sector views.

  • The option to Blitz is available within a 5 minutes expiration time, after the successful hit.

  • There is no maximum to how many times a player can Blitz.

  • Level 70 scale at a 10% Gold Cost increase per level, at a maximum of 10 times.

  • Level 90 scale at a 20% Gold Cost increase per level, at a maximum of 10 times.

    • These values are subject to change

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