8.13 Downtime & Release Notes

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The following Changes & Fixes have been applied on the Thursday, March 29th update.

Shadow Ops: Hidden in Darkness Continues

The final month of Shadow Ops has arrived, now with Onyx adversaries! Win more standard Darkstorm parts by completing Tier 3 each week. Win unlimited parts during the final week, beginning on April 14th at 10am PDT!

Players can complete the Darkstorm and build it for the first time when Phase 8 begins on Wednesday, April 4th.

Read the Briefing by clicking here.

Raid Update

Diamond Tech for the Breacher is now available! Don’t miss out on the rerelease of Purifier and Hammer Diamond Tech as well.

Read the Briefing by clicking here.

World Map Update

The following Bases are scheduled to appear on the World Map this week:

  • Standard Juggernaut Base

  • Elite Juggernaut Base

  • Omega Juggernaut Base

  • Omega Herald, Titan, Hydra, and Phantom Bases

  • Updated Survivor’s Token Base

  • Sphinx Bonus Token Base

  • Thorium Base update, with a new Level 75 Cave Base that awards 50m Thorium!

The April Event Calendar is coming soon!

General Fixes & Improvements

  • Bastions in the Weapon’s Lab build queue will no longer appear one level lower than displayed

  • An issue where mines would not trigger when stepped on has been fixed

  • An issue where the Attack Log would not load for some players has been fixed

  • World Map PVP Accolades were not appearing for a small number of players. This is now fixed.

  • The Event Store video for the Elite Siege Squadron Part x 4 now displays properly

  • An issue where the Event Leaderboard would display previous Event standings for some players has been fixed

  • The AA Onyx Turret now accurately displays that it targets Air units in the popup tooltip

  • Placing more than 18 Sphinxes into Platoons no longer causes a 2033 error

  • The unit creation icon was missing the “+” symbol when the Sphinxes went unlimited. This has been fixed

  • Ravagers will now appear in the Academy after unlocking the Siege Squadron from the Event Store

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