8.12 Downtime & Release Notes

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The following Changes & Fixes have been applied on the Wednesday, March 21st update.

Operation: Dreams of the Machine God

Kruger has awakened an unknown enemy who wields powerful technology that threatens to throw the Sector into chaos. Battle through the Main and Survivors Tracks to win the first Generation III Unit: the Sphinx. Don’t miss out on Skipjack, a brand new Single-Use Breacher Hero as well!

Read the full briefing here.

Generation III Units

A new era of units are approaching the Sector! Gen III Units will possess powerful benefits over previous generations, including:

  • 10% lower repair times over Gen II

  • Talent upgrades at Level 20

  • After unlocking one-and-a-half platoons worth of a Gen III unit, that unit will become unlimited, allowing you to build as many of them as you want!

The first Generation III Unit is now available in Operation: Dreams of the Machine God. Unlock the Sphinx today.

General Fixes & Improvements

  • Reinforced and Airborne Platforms now display their Armor value in the mouse-over tooltip menu

  • We’ve reduced the amount of errors that appear when opening the Attack Log

    • Please note this issue is not fully fixed. Some players may still experience errors accessing the Attack Log

  • Sector Goal Bases now pre-spawn and persist on the World Map during monthly Events

  • An issue where scrolling down through the Leaderboards would skip large portions of players has been fixed

  • Accolades now properly appear for attackers and defenders in the battle HUD

  • The missing Sarkis image in the Workshop has been found

  • An issue preventing some players from receiving Invasion prizes has been fixed

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