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why is it that the survivors bases not paying out technical tokens they giving me Thor after i have collected most of the tokens for survivors units can you look into the matter please before event thank you :)

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    The Survivor, Sentinel and Corpus token bases will only give out tokens for Gen1 faction units at this time for the faction featured in the base. However, you will not be able to gain Gen2 tokens for units like the Technical as it's a Gen2 faction unit.

    Here is the tokens you can unlock from the faction token bases at this time. This do also include the bonus token bases.
    • Corpus
      • Apollo - [Airborne]
      • Fury - [Airborne]
      • Hades - [Light Vehicle]
      • Phalanx - [Light Vehicle]
      • Spartan ZK - [Infantry]
    • Sentinels
      • Acolyte - [Infantry]
      • Purifier - [Heavy Vehicle]
      • Seeker - [Light Vehicle]
      • Valiant - [Airborne]
      • Vindicator - [Heavy Vehicle]
    • Survivors
      • Bonesaw - [Airborne]
      • Detonator - [Infantry]
      • Disruptor - [Heavy Vehicle]
      • Hammer - [Heavy Vehicle]
      • Liberator - [Infantry]
    To unlock Gen2 tokens, you will have to wait for an opportunity when they will become available. The most recent opportunity to unlock Gen2 tokens was for completing the last Invasion.

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