[INFO] - PvE Plan Update (2018)

GD Raikan
GD Raikan
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Hey everyone,

We wanted to provide some more information regarding changes to the PvE Plan for 2018:


TL;DR - (PvE)

  • 4 Month Cycle (Still)

  • “No Wrong Choice” : 1 Cycle Hull (+Customization options that change how it plays)

  • Hull Retrofits to Help Older Hulls Stay Relevant for Each Cycle

Player vs. Environment (PvE)


In our last State of the Game, we announced some big changes regarding how Raid Cycles were going to play out for the year, what was in store for the Forsaken Mission, as well as updates on new content (e.g. - CICs). After seeing the overwhelming responses from the community, we went back and reviewed our plan to better address player concerns. This is the result of those efforts:

Still 4 Month Cycles

Both the community and the team agree that 4 month cycles are the way to go for 2018. There is no change regarding the duration of cycles. We are confident that this gives both players and the team the much needed time to focus on having a positive and fun experience during a given cycle. The schedule for each class is as follows:

  • Siege = January - April

  • Assault = May - August

  • Skirmish = September - December

  • Garrison = February, June, October (New FM Hull Release; More Information Below)

No More “Wrong Choices”

Starting in April, we’re going back to only introducing only 1 new top tier hull for non-Garrison cycles. We don’t want players to feel as if they picked the “wrong” hull blueprint. We also realize we’ve been overloading your Shipyard builder to the point that it is near impossible to tweak or improve builds for long periods of time. It also puts additional strain on the team, having to make multiple targets and components to cover both hulls. Finally, it adds random unintended friction with running TLCs that require these hulls, all resulting in both team and player frustration.

The one benefit that we want to retain from the 2-hull model is the ability to have a choice of playstyle or general driving preference. In order to keep this element, we’ll be releasing a few different weapon, specials, and CIC options for the hull, each with their own strengths / weaknesses, to really allow you to build the hull the way you want to build it. No more “having the wrong hull”: we’re putting the strategy and control of build back in the player’s hands.

WARNING: This also means that there will not be a TLC that offers “a different top tier hull” right before the raid. The hull offered in the Raid is the hull. We’ll also be adjusting our target tuning, relative to the amount of players who own / build the new hull, for the first raid in the cycle in an attempt to avoid overly difficult targets for those who didn’t pick it up when first offered.

Hull Retrofits

Hull Retrofits are going to be making a comeback in 2018. We’ve outlined a plan that spans over all class and cycles, pinpointing the exact moment when a certain hull will need to be retrofitted during the year. The intent is to provide retrofits to older hulls around the time that a cycle is about to transition, allowing them to have some level of viability in the next raid cycle. Does that mean you will be able to hit the higher end targets? No. Will you be able to participate in that raid with old retrofitted tech? Yes!

Garrison will have a similar cadence relative to its own transitions and needs, but the intention is same: provide meaningful buffs that will enable older hulls to maintain a level of relevance in the Forsaken Mission. That said, since the Citadel already has retrofits available that are very viable (proven in last year’s Garrison Raid), Icebreaker and Monolith will be the first to receive  these new retrofits for the Garrison class in 2018.

Garrison & Forsaken Mission

Please view the Garrison & Forsaken Mission post for more information regarding changes to the Forsaken Mission content and targets.


Thanks for reading!
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  • Jane Sparrow
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    GD Raikan - My new hero!!!!!! WootWoot!
  • Jagang50
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    Awesome, the sharing of information goes a long way to help people plan.
    Some great ideas, looks like we will have a better year, with lower/mid level players being able to achieve more and grow.

    Hopefully bring some life back to many players.

    Keep this up, its great!!
  • Charlie Pugwash
    Charlie Pugwash
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    That is all.
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  • carl.wear.3
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    Sounds interesting.
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  • nick58211
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    From the information provided I see a bright future for this game.

    Thanks GDR, and you can pass along my gratitude to the team as well!

  • Typhoons
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    I truly believe now that GDR has the bp reigns in his hands it will bode well for the players.May not be perfect but it's a heap sight better than what we have had.
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    This Warn You 
  • Alan_R147
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    High 5 for GDR the future looks bright :)
  • alex.stanham
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    less talk and more action , last year said we would have less hulls this year and less content and for now its the opposite , we have 2 or 3 hulls to build with 1 shipyard , conquest shipyard only for conqueror - defender ships , so what all said before , you are doing non , so instead of saying what you are going to make and usually never been done , do it , action , start now change now , stop nonsense and listen to players ,  as i said and keep repeating , start doing something now , not on december 
  • Carlo DeNauw
    Carlo DeNauw
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    Iiiiiinteresting.... I approve of this post! :D
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  • Cathedral_Rock
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    All we need now is for G-bot to give his official approval and we'll be done here....
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  • stephenl90
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    WOW 100% happiness. Now that is unique !!!!!  Ground  breaking. Well done GD
  • Ray_P
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    This seems like this is better balanced and should have been the first post.   The calculation for S/Y is way different after the disclosure that the 2nd fleet is going away.   It almost seems doable now.   I think many are on the bubble now since we built a Buc fleet first and now are getting ready to rank Hydras in the next VXP.   Makes me wonder if it's best decision now to throw Hydras overboard and focus the next 60 days before assault is available to build the Inferno's.   If you spend the remaining time completing Hydras you endup with not enough time to build the Dragons.   I know they are reading the feedback here,  the Dragon build time (or Hydra/Buc) should be dropped considerably to smooth this transition.   That would have high player satisfaction.


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  • Sputnik001
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    Heard this same crap numerous times over the past 5 or so years. It's old.....same old crap different breath.Hate to say I agree with you on this.

    It does sound interesting and good....but being Kix, they will not be able to do it, again over promising and MASSIVELY under delivering.

    I hope for the best, but am expecting the worst...it is Kix after all and the latter has a much higher chance of success...

    The FM itself, should be on a 6 month cycle, void to the FM cycles, doing that one thing will make your teams (@GD Raikan ) instantly easier by removing a whole element that you'd need to come up with....plus the FM is the only constant, so players (I know I do) want my hull to be useful longer than just 4 months.....I'd be happy for a yr as you promised last year....but wait they're not.....

    Coming back to this thread...how is it any different that any of your other paper dreams???
  • GrandPaSunshine
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    Glad to see this implementation.  Will hopefully breathe new life into the game.
    Just one old man's opinion :)
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    I like this communication from Kix, no no no, I freakin love this communication from Kix
  • John1975
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    Sounds good. Glad to see only 1 fleet will be needed.

     I think you could still offer 2 fleets all that had players and myself done with that is fact you made is so you "Had" to have both fleets. Choice of  "auto" or skill was good providing the opposite of what you choose was not required. Some liek me dont have the patience to perfectly drive 200+ targets to have 5 min repair on ea one so we choose the auto hull and take 1 hr damage per target.

    Any how it goes great move on making it back to only one fleet needed. Well done.
    BadMoFo RYFG TTMX Level 97
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    How about NOT excluding hulls from a given target class EG the Frosty locked out of the current siege targets, thats one way to make sure older hulls are still usable.
    But of course you won't allow that as by doing so, it gives us a better chance of success in those targets, and you wouldn't want that would you?.
    I have said this many times, a happy pirate having lots of fun is a coining pirate, a pirate who feels that the odds are massively stacked against them is not just going to throw money away.
    What me cynical, no, never, maybe!!, well I have been playing kix games for over 3 years.
    Remember its just a game, your life doesn't rely on you being the best.
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  • AnEyeForAnEye
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    Finally some good new and a plan that make sense.

    Release one hull and let the player decide how they gonna use it with the tech available and which style of hit they are going to do ( blitz it, tank it, precise driving it,etc).

    Plus the update stats or tech on older hulls will at least give an option to player who couldnt get the premium hull and not be left out of the 1st raid, which as been a huge issue.

    The one aspect i got mix feeling on is the generalist. Why continue promoting that line. Outside of the zelos as a CM, they have never trully been viable and used by the player base. Are you removing the second hull just to force us into buiulding these now. Personnaly i do not see the need or use for these, and i beleive they should be discontinued. Concentrate on the 1 hull + flag every 4 months. Give us time to adapt or build PVP oriented ships.
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  • Wild_G
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    How will this affect Bounty??  Are you going to offer 1 hull for raid,1 for FM then a PVP hull still for Bounty?  But it does sound good hopefully will help people catch up.
  • Sputnik001
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    Wild_G said:
    How will this affect Bounty??  Are you going to offer 1 hull for raid,1 for FM then a PVP hull still for Bounty?  But it does sound good hopefully will help people catch up.
    What?!!?!? YOu actually think that they thought about that too....

    Come on, its Kix, we the players are the test bed for them after they have put something out....

    Happened time and again - hate to say, it won't EVER change from that
  • Dazandren
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    Who remembers the name of that Aerosmith song with the line--  "It's the same ol' story, same ol' song and dance, my friend"? For some odd reason I read this post and that brief stanza popped into my head. Trying to remember the name of the song is frustrating me.

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