why my caretaker run other side

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did 6 survivors 95 bases for war rig parts and no damage. The last one my caretaker run the other side and this way jug damaged lol Why he run the other side and not did it on the other 5 bases? Is this a problem that can happend some times? 
  • BradyBunch
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    Yes. I happened to me about 10 min. ago doing my first base today. It is aggravating trying to keep it with my jug. I know we must focus on the base defenses and such, but keep an eye on that Caretaker too. It goes back to its spawn point at times for some unknown reason.
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    happens to me every time it can.
    remove the caretaker treads or that thing will disappear at the moment a railgun can reach you
    as long as you're picking ground locations to move to, the caretaker will stay with jug, or run faster.. BUT the moment you chose a target with the jug, that caretaker will take off since it's not capable of attacking... says "cya" and gone!
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    You have to set it in individual ruby mode presing F key on it.
    Or randomly it will be in noshittaker mode.

  • Jason Ensinger
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    Assuming you want Caretakers following the furthest unit back/longest range; just move them all behind that rear unit and put them on fire at will. They will stick to that rear unit indefinitely, and will not retreat back to where they came from. Ideally the bug should be fix, but this workaround works every time.
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    The unit should be adjusted A.S.A.P.  it defeats it's intended purpose if it runs away. It gets away on me at times when I get to involved in other areas of the base I am attacking. A dead jug due to it wondering off is real bad. Were talking up to 15 hours of damage here. I like the unit and will continue to use it regardless.
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    You need put caretacer on agressive mode, so he can follow main unit
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    Caretakers get scared often and they tuck tail and run.
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