This is why I asked Kixeye to open the game up!

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    so hes a level 42 and very advanced ...thats great and a 33 mill ID  thats great ...greymatter treated him good ..LOL and, or had fat bank account ...
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    jerryA said:
    You all gonna feel really cheated and taken advantage of when they turn out the lights on this game and you have nothing to show for all the hundreds of dollars you have spent over the years and all you have are memory's, just sayin lol
    i have used many hrs   playing wc, and i have little more fun spend little coin, and get   the stof done i working on,  i try not spend, but  use  a few boks,  we use many hrs every day. and use little just made it more fun. i respeckt  the non coiners, its free game, but  to coin the last in a upgrade, you know you not on when it run out of the upgrade its doing,  if you know you not on before 20 hrs after,  i dont midt use  some.  it is a great game, i will  keep play it every day even i get  mad  of the lag/scam some use, and the dc losing units, that i defently do not coin.
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    Dont know why my post was posted twice lol.
    Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it count!
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    For many the memory's are enough. Sometimes that is all we get or got in real life as well. I have heard many say the main thing that keeps them here are the friends they made and the times they have had. Others say that is what they miss the most. For me I may regret the time I have lost but not the money. I spent my fair share on repairs over the past 6 years but it was worth it at the time or I would not have spent it. I made a few friends but noting that will  last. I know the game will end someday but I will find a good part to that (like I'm free of my addiction lol) and I will be all the wiser before I try another pay to play game lol. As they say, "all good things must come to an end" and we just move on. It is just a flash game after all right.....It may last years longer if they invest in that option. But when it happens I will be ready....Just not this weekend because a mini-event is happening. I also hope they will give some sort of notice if the game ever goes down permanently so I can try and finish my upgrades before I go. I don't think I will coin any of them though lol. I will miss you all, well all the 30,000 or so that are currently still here anyway. But until that day comes "Be excellent to each other and Party on, Dudes!"
    Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it count!
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    TroyW said:
    I recieve my upgrade xp just fine always have.  I have 21 billion xp to go to level 50 that will take a long long time.  Look i know the non coiners and the free players will whine no offense but guys like croft provide kixeye with nothing they don't coin.  The game needs to be opened up i can name heaps of players that are ahead of me or around the same.  The pace of the game is goofy.  My breachers are level 20 i coined em and yeah i did 23.2 mill xp in the event its not hard just time is all.  Basically i have 2 things to do every month the event and smash bases!
    Can you give me the exact two set of numbers?

    I would appreciate it a lot.
    Yes i remember a few years back when my dozer sat idle for months until they finally started adding some new upgrades to the game.Since then, my dozer hasnt stopped lol.Either feast or famine i guess.
    What has happened to this once great game.
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    I see all the complaining in forums this base is too hard lol.  Most bases aren't hard its the way you approach them see many players will take their sweet time doing a base so no damage.  I don't mind eating a lil damage as long as you beat it fast.  I seen posts about the war rig bases too hard yesterday those are simple missle the hunter missile turrets and harold the base yawn onto the next one!
    this player call the boss id alfa leader he spend a lot of gold fight event so on,i was offline when he attack me he only got 1 star,all his unit are max lvl,is lot of players they cant fight with out skills and they lose bad,after they cry on chat call me cheater:p...also some times on attack u get freeze or dc,by the time u do refresh all platoon get killed,we never know what will happen when we press attack

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    Essayon said:Nah i want more feeeeeeeeed me more lol

    Wait, so you're asking Kixeye to open up so you can pull away from everyone else even more?  LOL  You don't want anyone being able to catch up to you?  You want to secure your high toon level dominance and everyone else beneath your feet?  LOL  And you're willing to pay to stay on top?  

    FRIKIN' NAILED IT! ooohhhh he knows what he's doin'...

    and yes I'm gonna bring up the whole 4 overwatch turret fiasco AGAIN. and when after that there was no pvp for 2 months, kixeye had to come up with the first "million+ HP" units. literally "powercreep-by-player."

    every now and again some selfish player pops up attempting to persuasively ask for something ingame that THEY want but know full and well would screw up the balance aspects of the game that they don't like or care about...this player doesn't care if the game gets unfun for everyone else or even if they run the game into the ground, as long as THEY had fun...

    This post wasn't meant for e1 to comment on lmao its meant for kixeye to see that their is a player base they don't accomodate! you want everyone to believe that you're experienced/smart enough to be this top level clan leader who's basically beaten the game but yet not experienced/smart enough to anticipate how players in the forums would react to you essentially asking to raise the ceiling on all upgrades? that's literally like dressing up as a troll and running around shouting "i'm not a troll, i'm not a troll"...

    furthermore it appears the game has "accommodated" you quite well thus far. as in even more so than pretty much everybody else.....

    You guys are side stepping the whole point lol bottom line open the game up!  Like said for those players that have old ID's go look at Som3a in 21 you will see how far you've fallen behind in game he's hungry or look at the level 50 hellknight another example

    look, I'm honestly not trying to be unkind here, but with your playstyle, you're best bet is probably gonna be to find another game to play that is already open-ended and just play it into the ground until it dies.kix has already learned their lesson in your department and the only real choice that they might have would be between either

     (1)offering gargantuanly expensive upgrades that become more infuriatingly and utterly useless as they go up, OR

     (2)redesign the entire game to specifically give "extreme high level players" their own seperate world/version of WC.

    now we all know they're not going to do (2) since the whole "domination" thing kinda loses it's zest when everyone else is a coiner and just as big as you; you'd just want this WC back anyway...

    so the best advice I could honestly give you would be to either leave WC altogether, or start practicing your "surprised angry" response now for when they give you the satirical option (1) solely for asking them to put a sheer power level ingame that in the basically-nonexistent-but-technically-there-chance that some poor soul might actually be stupid enough to listen to you, we all know you only want so you and all 8 of your millionaire friends could abuse it mercilessly to find some sick joy in driving away the bottom 99% of the customer base and undoing 4 years of WC progression in a mere 8 months all while constantly screaming "**** murder" and blaming any and everyone else just because you can...So i'm curious; how many other games that you play have you tried to fish with this same hook?

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