Ship Token Riot and Module Token Riot Updates

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Moving forward, Ship Token and Module Token RIOTs have reduced their total amount of claimable tokens from 2 to 1 at each tier. Thank you for your feedback on this matter and we apologize for not messaging this sooner.

I understand that it can be frustrating to receive a smaller bonus to timer speed than you've gotten used to receiving in the past. However, the contents of an activity's store are always subject to change, and the amount of Time Tokens that were on offer per Riot was based off giving players the ability to catch up on AXIS content as we moved closer to the Altairian season. Now that we are entering our brand new season, token payouts have been brought back down to normalized levels.

We are continuing to explore additional improvements to the RIOT such as higher level targets with greater payouts, and we will message those changes if they are implemented.
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