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Hey everyone,

We wanted to take a moment to provide some additional clarity regarding the upcoming Compound Plate V, Zynthonite Armor D6-U, as well as Deflection in general.

We know that players are both excited and anxious about the transition period for PvP between Tier 6 / 6.5 and Tier 7, largely due to the amount of deflection being provided. We want to convey some key information around how these are going to affect both new and old hulls, and how you can best utilize these new Tier 7  pieces of tech:

The first piece of information you should know is that any item that has [Damage Type] Deflection (e.g. - Ballistic Deflection) also has a stat known as Passthrough. Passthrough is the amount of damage that a hull will take if the damage of a single projectile would be less than the corresponding deflection value.

For example, if you had 1000 Ballistic Deflection, and the projectile only deals 500 Ballistic Damage, then the hull would receive the Passthrough damage instead. This is not a new stat, and as been part of how [Damage Type] Deflection has been balanced since the stat’s inception. You can think of this as a kind of “minimum damage” stat. While technically there is a Passthrough stat for each damage type, we tend to standardize the Passthrough value for all damage types on a given hull or component. This just helps us balance more consistently across all the different damage types.

We’re in the process of trying to get this stat displayed in the stat block so that players have the information they need to make more informed decisions. However, we’re trying to avoid bloating the stat block with repeating values, so it’s taking some extra time to get the stat displayed in a comprehensible way.

What’s important to note is that the game will use the highest Passthrough value “equipped” to the hull (similar to the Turret Defense stat). That means if a hull had a starting Passthrough value of 100 (as an example), and then you equipped 1 Compound Plate V, the Passthrough value for those damage types (Ballistic, Penetrative, Explosive) would increase to 360. Concussive, Corrosive, and Radioactive would remain at 100, unless you equipped 1 Zynthonite Armor D6-U (which again, would bring them to 360 as well).

As mentioned above, each piece of tech using a [Damage Type] Deflection stat has a Passthrough value. In the case of the upcoming armors (and all Tier 7 PvP content in general), the Passthrough value would display in the stat block as 360. The Onslaught also uses this value, along with the 2X-Q Mortar. That said, older PvP hulls (and tech) use a smaller value than the new Tier 7 tech (again, largely for balancing Tier 7 PvP content appropriately).

That means that if you equip say 1 Zynthonite Armor D6-U to an Eviscerator, as an example, you would likely benefit from having improved deflection against Concussive, Corrosive, and Radioactive Damage, provided the damage per projectiles you were encountering were higher than the existing deflection values. In that case, even though Passthrough is 360, you’ve likely reduced the damage per projectile from what you were previously taking.

On the other hand, if you were to have equipped Compound Plate V to the Eviscerator, while you may benefit from the additional Ballistic Deflection, you may be over-covering for Penetrative and Explosive. As a result, since the Passthrough value would have been lower than 360 prior to equipping Compound Plate V, you would end up taking more damage from Explosive and Penetrative projectiles than you would have otherwise (since the Passthrough value increased to 360 from the armor itself).

For those using the new Tier 7 hulls (e.g. - Onslaught), you should feel free to equip any of the new Tier 7 tech (armors, weapons, etc.) without concern for the Passthrough value changing its performance, since the Onslaught is already innately using the 360 Passthrough value (thus no change occurs when equipping Tier 7 PvP content, such as the new armors).

Does that mean that Tier 7 tech that provides deflection is worthless on older hulls?!

No! You just have to be more thoughtful and strategic with your builds when it comes to older PvP hulls. This is especially true for Tier 6 and 6.5 hulls.

Let’s say, as an example, that the highest damage per shot is 129,110 (THIS IS AN EXAMPLE NUMBER. NOT REAL). You want to improve the deflection values of a brand new Gluttony that you are building. Now we know that Gluttony starts with 500 [Damage Type] Deflection for each damage type. In today’s current PvP environment, that is a very small amount, especially if we’re trying to reach close to 130,000. We also know that Gluttony has a smaller Passthrough value than 360, so we have to be careful not to match or exceed 129,110, or else we’ll start taking damage from the Passthrough value, which will get increased to 360 as we start adding the new armors.

Both new armors provide 64,254 deflection for their respective damage types. If we were to add 3 Zynthonite Armor D6-U, we would have 193,262 deflection (500 + 192,762) for Concussive, Corrosive, and Radioactive. While we are definitely covered against those damage types, we’re now going to be taking the Passthrough damage. Since Zynthonite Armor D6-U has a Passthrough of 360, we’re now going to be taking 360 damage.

However, if we only put on 2 Zynthonite Armor D6-U’s, then our Deflection for those damage types are 129,008 (500 + 128,508). Now, while we’re not fully covered, we’re only going to take 102 damage, which is less than the 360 Passthrough damage we would have taken had we matched or exceeded the 129,110 cap. So in this case, even though the armor increased the Passthrough to 360, the armor was still useful for the Gluttony in being able to reduce damage. We just needed to be smart about the amount of deflection we were adding.

Interestingly enough, Tier 5 PvP hulls may benefit fairly well from the Tier 7 deflection tech. Take the Revenge as an example. It has low deflection values by today’s standards (~3,700-ish) for Ballistic, Penetrative, and Explosive. It has no coverage for the other 3 types, and has 2 armor slots. Adding 2 Zynthonite D6-U, for example, would help tremendously, as it would provide deflection that otherwise didn’t exist. So even though the Passthrough for those damage types would increase to 360, you’re likely taking a lot less damage than you were previously from those damage types.

Again, if you are building Tier 7 hulls, such as the Onslaught, then you don’t need to worry about anything regarding the actual Passthrough value, as they are already balanced and using the 360 value. You shouldn’t feel concerned over-covering in a particular damage type if you choose to do so. As a Tier 7 user, build what you need for your strategy, worry-free from the woes of a higher Passthrough value.


Since we’re on the subject of [Damage Type] Deflection, we want to give everyone a friendly reminder that [Damage Type] Deflection is intended to never be useful in a PvE target, and is only meant for PvP. Conversely, [Damage Type] Deflection is intended to the primary PvP defense stats for PvP hulls, with [Damage Type] Defense / Resistance being substantially less useful for hulls in a PvP environment (see the Defense Bypass on a majority of existing PvP Turrets).

If you decide to build hulls using these stats for the opposing intended space (e.g. - Radioactive Deflection on a PvE hull), you are welcome to do so at your own risk. If something happens in the target where it proves to be in your favor, then congratulations. However, that does not preclude us from changing the targets / content at any time to render those defenses ineffective in any unintended aspect of game.

So, if you want to play safe:

  • Defense / Resistance = PvE

  • [Damage Type] Deflection = PvP

Again, you are welcome to equip whatever you believe will be in your best interest, but understand that going “against the grain” will be at your own risk.


Thanks for reading! :)

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