Heavy Battleship Concept, First of the BubbaJohn Fleet

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I remember when Kixeye held a couple of events for design the next ship.
So taking that idea up today, and with the design friend, we adapted one of his ships to come up with this concept Heavy Battleship.
And this is just the first of the fleet we are working on to make them Naval units.

Key features include Five Main Weapons Batteries, Two Auxillary Main Batteries, Eight Long Range Missile Launchers, Twenty Eight Point Defense/Secondary Weapons, Advanced Radar/Lidar Array, Dual Advanced Sonar Arrays, Reinforced Torpedo Belt and Two Hanger Bays.

Of course this is only a fan creation based on ship designs from another game, but in our discussion, I thought how much this ship and the others of the fleet could be fitted to a naval concept, so we tried it out. I say this beast looks so **** good that it should be IN game. With so many ships looking less and less naval like and more like a monkies stab at design, this one should make them look like amatures night.
I hope everyone likes this as much as we had working on it.
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    Sign me in

  • Wyvern The PinkiePie
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    I like it. Looks like it'll make a mess of any fools coming close to it. =3

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    looks like a KIXEYE dream gone bad to me ever one has lost the real concept of a battle ship lol all of them look nothing like a ship a real ship floats on water 
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