8.04 Downtime & Release Notes

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The following Changes & Fixes have been applied on the Wednesday, January 24th update.

Operation: The Source of Power

Our intelligence indicates that Kruger is not after our Thorium. We need your help to investigate his true motives. Battle through the Main and Faction Tracks to win the new Breacher Unit; and Burnside, our next Single-Use Hero!

Minimum Attack Range

Some units in War Commander are being given a new “Minimum Range” attribute.  If a target gets closer to a unit than its Minimum Range, then it will no longer be targetable. This functionality is designed to make artillery units feel a little more like artillery, by giving them a close range weakness.

Today’s update only affects the NPC Billy Goat and TRAC-R Units, which now both have a Minimum Range of 400. In the screenshot above, the red area indicates the area in which the TRAC-R can effectively attack, and the clear area around the unit indicates its Minimum Range, where your units will be safe to attack it without retaliation.

Workshop Unequipping Improvements

A new “Unequip” Tab has been added to the Workshop. This Tab only displays your Units that currently have tech equipped and also sorts them by Platoon. This new menu easily allows you to unequip your tech without having to navigate through the more cluttered “Design” and “Equip” Tabs.

General Fixes and Improvements

  • The 180 Sector Goal Base victory condition description has been updated to include all Units and Buildings, instead of just Units

  • An exploit allowing defending players to kick attacking players from their Base during a PVP attack has been fixed

  • The Elite Siege Squadron’s HP has been updated in the Platoon view to reflect the correct amount of 112,500,000

  • Subtitle text on items in the Event Store have been improved to appear more clear and legible

  • A 2251 Error appearing while Workshop Replication is in progress has been fixed

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