Questions 'bout Siege Squadron Boss Base

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I have some questions about this boss base:
1. A time battle is 7 minutes. So when will the first backup deployment arrive?
2. The SS boss base briefing post said that in order to archive victory, you need to kill all the unit in the base. Do I REALLY have to kill all the backup squadron too? (they are just backup, not represent in the base)
3. If I defeat all three squad before backup arrive, will I win the base?

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    Here is the answers to all 3 of your questions.

    Question 1: The Siege Squadron backup will arrive when the previous Siege Squadron is destroyed and will always be 1 tier above the previous. The first Siege Squadron is a Standard, the Second an Elite and the third and Omega.

    Question 2&3: In order to successfully complete the base. You have to kill all Siege Squadrons in the base and in addition to that all Ravagers. This do also include the backup Siege Squadron and the Ravagers spawned from them.
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