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Recently Goldendoodle said PVP is not what it should be. I am sure the developers have some good ideas like War Path. but what do you think of odd sectors vs even sectors. how i think this could work. 

For one week odd sectors jump and attack even sectors. FOR ATTACKERS you get 1-2 air platoons and 2-3 ground platoons for the week. these PVP platoons CANNOT BE REPAIRED. platoons can't be sniped. you start with low lvl bases and work your way up earning more points the higher you go. a lvl 40 should start with lvl 20-25 bases they would need to beat 10 to move up to lvl 25-30 bases and so on. at the end of the week you get your units back at full health. and the tide turns even sectors jump and attack odd. 

FOR DEFENDERS you put a platoon in your base. you get more points the more damage you do while defending. the defenders base and platoon instantly repair after each attack and you get no protection bubble. because of this the attack time should be expanded to 10-15 minutes. and like war path you can only attack the same player once. then as above after the week, the tide turns and the defenders get to hit back. 

Please let me know if you like this. or would make some small changes. or if you think this is the worst idea of 2018......... hahahaha     
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