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James Joseph
James Joseph
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My account was banned 3 1/2 years ago ... 4 mos ago i clicked on War Commander logo to find out my base was back on map so i been playing for 4 mos now. There is alot of BUgs and glitches in my base like not being able to use delta pad not being able to build Seige Squadron. I am un able to have base defenders in my base they dissapear when attac k begins. 

As stated my account was banned due to my cousin playing my base and taking advantage of glitch. i think. anyways i am unable to send ticket to get bugs and glitches out of base. I have spent way more then 50 dollars sincei been back ..

ANy suggestions ?
  • tobrut
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    when you get banned, sometimes your base will appear, but it is useless to try to play. kix does that as a fu. as far as you not being able to send ticket thats their way of ignoring you. you do not exist to them.try starting over again with new account. it sucks but might be only way to play.

  • Commandos51
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    I have this error any one can tell me what should i do ?!

    Error 2033: Save error
  • Axel L
    Axel L
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    I have this error any one can tell me what should i do ?!

    Error 2033: Save error
    Error messages are always tricky to find solutions for as there can be so many factors which can cause the error to occur.

    When do you receive the 2033 error and do you experience it frequently?
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