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Luis Guerrero
Luis Guerrero
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Why is the Xeno Eclipse over powered by the regular Eclipse in terms of speed.I know the regular eclipse has the iridium magnets to make them faster but what there is no magnets for xeno.am i missing something?

  • Todd7123
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    All xeno version had extra stats to offset the need for specials and weight increases as well.

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  • Nightmare Deathlock
    Nightmare Deathlock
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    Xeno versions are built with the t4-5 versions of the specials already on them, and increase in mass to compensate for the massive damage and speed (or range if its energy, etc.) Built into it

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  • SteelSteve
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    there is xeno magnets in the shop of the current event actually
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  • Criminal Phillip BV
    Criminal Phillip BV
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    there is xeno magnets in the shop of the current event actually
    that is for bases.... i think the OP is referring to ship based weapons
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