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Refund please ..

Chris Hall63
Chris Hall63
Joined Nov 2017 Posts: 12

You keep changing the way you earn .. changing the rules .. changing bonus .. changing
Pretty much everything this past year . I invested time and money Into rogue assault ..
it's not rogue assault anymore ..
why do I have to scroll thru 17 bases before I find one with an actual prize for attacking ..
if you don't want higher level players attacking lowers don't let em .. don't make me scroll
Thru 17 bases before finding one with an actual payoff for attacking .
Your world map is not why myself or any of my friends played .. it's for one on one action ..
most of us don't care a squat about wasting time on the map .. besides you changed that
All around as well .. I'm so glad none of you are in charge of football baseball soccer etc..
Because you'd change the entire games every other day ..
this game has become a joke . Not even close to what it once was .. if I buy a Ford Taurus
And every three weeks you change it and it ends up like a Ford Fiesta why would I give
You any more money ? Get a clue . Refunds are in order .

  • Some damn dude
    Some damn dude
    Joined Sep 2017 Posts: 6
    ill second that, i invested in this game and now it wont run on my phone or on an emulator. id rather just be playing, but games broken.
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