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Done with this game after this update

Chris Hall63
Chris Hall63
Joined Nov 2017 Posts: 9

If I could I'd sell my base asap . You've changed the game so much it's not even the same
Game anymore .. it's like I've been playing and learning (and paying) chess all year and now
You've changed to checkers .. I'm done . This game used to be fun .. fair .. mostly balanced ..
Now it's just a shell of its former self .. sorry I put a year into something that resembles nothing
Like it once was .. you had a good thing ..
btw .. I don't care about your world map .. which seems to be all you care about .. with your
New updates ..
and for the sake of all the suckers who install this game in the future can you do something
About the resources and battery suckage your little game puts on a mobile device ? Poor programming . I'm looking forward to now getting 6-12 hours battery from my phone unlike
The 30 minutes I get because your game sucks it dry .
Adios . /uninstall

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