8.02 Downtime & Release Notes

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The following Changes & Fixes have been applied on the Wednesday 01/10 update.

January Gear Store Update

The Gear Store has been updated with new Components for Sunder, along with massive price cuts to tons of other content! Click here to read the briefing.

Workshop Performance Upgrade

Opening the Workshop and utilizing Replication has been optimized and now loads much faster!

General Fixes and Improvements

  • War Dogs and Max attack buildings properly when approaching from the north

  • Corpus 80 and Omega Hydra bases now payout parts correctly

  • Clicking on an empty tile now always shows the selection menu

  • Some players experienced an issue preventing Components from being purchased from the Gear Store. This has been fixed.

  • Players brought to our attention that some Railgun, Overwatch, Hunter Missile, and Heavy Flak Turrets were not affected by the balancing update in late December. Now all Heavy Turrets behave the same way.

  • The Season End time on the PVP Season 6 Leaderboard has been corrected.

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