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lost 93 gold thanks to update

Joined Nov 2017 Posts: 1
I am level 52 and with the recent update i lost 93 gold. I couldn't escape the tutorial showing the new war zones section and my oil balance was very low and my platoon damaged so to repair took me 93 gold. I expect a refund !
  • Roycristobal1
    Joined Oct 2017 Posts: 4
    Oh my oh my, same what happen to me, when I open my WRCA it leads me to the tutorials and when I deploy my platoons need repair, my oil is not enough so need to add more golds. Before the update my platoons are just fine and don't need repairs, What happen kixeye.
  • Some damn dude
    Some damn dude
    Joined Sep 2017 Posts: 6
    sheit! my game wont even run now, not on my phone or on my pc with an emulator.
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