FM T5 Ship Tokens

Wicked Angel
Wicked Angel
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Just a curious question regarding the FM PP5 Ship build tokens.  Since the change to the prize system in the FM, we were informed that we would receive 3-9 days of build tokens.  Funny thing is, all I have EVER received every week is 3d......where are 4-9?  Now, I dont expect 9d every week, but I dont deserve only 3d tokens EVERY week, either!  This new setup was supposed to be better for the players and improve game play in catching up.  But, it is proving to be a punishment to those of us whom have been playing a very long time and not being rewarded for our long playing loyalty.  
  • BeenBad2
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    same here, they lie

  • rogue2k0
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    Read the forums it is a constant complaint by 99.9% of players
  • rayden
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    I'v got the 9 day once, it's random be glad for what you get
  • Wicked Angel
    Wicked Angel
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    "Be glad for what you get?", thats a bull answer...thats their thought process...we should be glad that they give us anything at all.  What are you, major coiner that got rewarded?  That seems to be the MO for Kix......remember one thing rayden, something that they seem to forget.....WITHOUT US, THE PLAYERS....THEY DONT EXIST! ITS OUR MONEY THAT KEEPS THEM EMPLOYED, SO NO......WE SHOULD NOT BE GLAD FOR WHAT WE GET....

  • davis.pollitt
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    I want a 50% chance at 6 day tokens, 25% at 3 day tokens, 25% at 9 day tokens...... sounds fair to me.... same system should be put in for any chest that drops a range of tokens, highest chance for the middle prize

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