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Any chance we can have some more fleet storage , I hate scrapping fleets and with us needing more and more fleets to play wouldn't it be a good idea
  • Angus_B
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    absolutely plenty room in storage and dock
  • mauijewels
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    Yes we need more to scrap ships when we dont know if we will be needing them again.. and only get small kind res for em.. 
  • Joe_B222
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    90% of the boats will never come back into use..

    Scrap your old chore fleets, cause once the targets change to the new boats.. they are pretty much worthless.   and use the storage.. it helps.
    Im 115,    my dock is 113 of 130 and I have a total of 6 ships in my storage.

    As long as you are not a horder, or have some attachment to old useless boats..  Space isnt a problem.

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    yeah, I hate scrapping those T5 hulls...
    they just do so well collecting res from salvage fleets.....
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    I hate scrapping something i have spent a month to build .. even if it isnt relavant now.. and look at some of the flags that all of a sudden will be useful this raid. Highlander hasnt been used in ages..  It should be easy to make more room.. 

  • VvVvVvVvV
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    It is a fair question and it's a fair question in lots of places -- very small limits on the number of ship designs in the dock, in the number of base designs we can save in the base planner. We can't save --any-- building designs. 

    The amount of storage needed to save one extra data item should be inconsequential, if they're using standard database technology. But given this is an olde, flash game, they might be using some horribly inefficient way of saving things -- server files, for example. Would be nice to know, but KX has no history of being open with the sheeple who play. 

    As for why would we want to keep olde fleets? Older hulls have less build time and they're good for testing new weapons and specials. I can take a my olde Sea Wolf, fit it with the fancy new pixels and see how it works against known targets. A nice thing to have in a game where the designers are so secretive. 

    And now they've introduced this new Expedition fiasco -- something that ties-up a fleet for several days. Between needing fleets for expeditions and at least one strong fleet in each category, that starts to fill up the dock real fast. And since build and refit times aren't going to be reduced (you don't really believe them, do you?) having built hulls to work with matters to those of us not rich enough to just instantly coin everything. 

    So yeah, very fair question, very legitimate concern. 

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