XCRUE (Sector 144) recruiting.

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Tanker_Sailor here LT in Xcrue. We are currently looking for active players to join our ally. We are very helpfull and have very little, but extremely easy, rules. 
1) No snipping unless its called for
2) No Insecting unless called for
3) Be respectfull in comms.
4) No hitting during raids. If you are hit during a raid bring it up to leadership.
Other than those few and simple rules, we play as we want. Please be as active as you can. We do understand life happens and of course comes before the game. 
Alliance points are not a must, but are highly encouraged, especially during raid  times.
If you have any questions feel free to comment on this. I will be checking on this daily. Thank you in advance
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    Sounds like a bunch of **** who do nothing but whine all day because someone takes a cargo with their tag on it
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