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Shadow Ops

We really need more lower end player bases for more active players. If Kixeye wants players to 
be active or advanced we need more lower end bases. Missile Jammers being in 45 Shadow Op
bases is really a huge upset for mid level players. Would like to suggest removing Jammers from
mid level bases.

Shadow Ops base level suggestion

Introduce level 5 S/O Bases
Introduce level 15 S/O Bases
Spawn More level 25 S/O Bases & remove level locks
Introduce level 35 S/O Bases
Remove Jammers from 45 S/O Bases
Introduce level 55 S/0 Bases
Introduce level 65 S/0 Bases
Reduce units/turrets in 75 S/O Bases
Introduce level 95 S/0 Bases

Shadow Ops needs to have specific days where all bases on world map are removed to have more
Shadow Ops targets with duration of timers. Shadow Ops could also have rewards with resources if
resource bases was removed. Low end Shadow Ops bases should not be level locked out in the past
we had more low end bases now days it is rare to see one on world map.

Spec Ops

Not being able to use Spec Ops during events is a huge upset to all players. Spec Ops needs to have
a major change up to it. Some if not most Spec Ops are obsolete and do not work as intended to do
on any base.  

Spec Ops suggestions

Introduce fraction units to Spec Ops
Remove out dated or obsolete Spec Ops 
Reduce cost of Thorium and out dated Spec Ops
More units tailor to specific event or fraction selection
Increase timers on rare Spec Ops
Create trades or storage menu for alliance & members


One of the biggest down sides of War Commander is the push for Fraction Units leaving older units
unable to use in events primarily Master Missions. Players should have the ability or freedom to use
all units possible during the duration of event. Hero's tokens should be released through Gear Store
to be obtainable. When they released Fraction Units the cost for resources relates to Thorium we need
more storage, more Thorium resources and tokens should be more easily to obtain.  
Units suggestions

More fraction units & gear release with less cost 
Expanded storage for units and list tailored to specific fractions
Create trades or storage menu for alliance & members
Ability to tag in old units into master missions
Release workshop gear for older type units
Rerun older type units for low end players
Rerun gear for older type units for low end players

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