the AAF big alliance friend or foe

  • Ayman Abdalla
    Ayman Abdalla
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    oh **** the tears
  • lizzy.borden.3745496
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    Been on both sides of AAF and AAF allied crews.  Always been fine.  There for sure are hotheads and people who use any excuse to be mean or bully others.  That does not change no matter what sector or clan your in from my experience.  Currenty just jumped sectors due to a sector war from internal power stuggles, did not matter we were all supposed to be allied, it was a leadership power struggle.  Just play your game best you can.  You can always jump and start over with another clan.  I dont really think it matters if your KT, AAF or TP or something else.  Find some people you like to play with and get on with it.
  • Gral_DAGGOR
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    well, I am in an anti-aaf alliance because to my thought they do not follow in actions what they say in words.  I have seen so many AAF potholes for cheating nora than any other alliance, also there is a lot of trash talk and disrispect to religion and race on world chat.  Of course, because it is so big allaince managers have lost their control on their bad apples and they are the ones that have caused so much confusion.  They are the ones responsible to have SUSQ leave the alliance and start hitting AAF.  I t is a game, I enjoy, I have friends in AAF who relly follow their principles.  So do not take it personal and play.
    Gral. Daggor
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