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Bounty 5 Briefing

CM Major_Rampage
CM Major_Rampage
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Greetings, Captains!

We are very excited to bring you the next season of Bounty.

Bounty is an event where players repeatedly smash each other's bases and steal Bounty

Points to spend on PvP tech. Players protect their winnings by climbing through a series of checkpoints each day. There are prizes available for all, but dedicated pirates who manage to rise through the ranks will claim the shiniest spoil.



  • Season 5 will run from 12/28 @ 10am PST - 1/1 @ 10am PST

  • Join the hunt to obtain an initial seed amount of unsecured bounty (unsecured bounty is bounty that can be stolen).

  • 800 Bounty will be granted every 6 hours

    • 10am, 4pm, 10pm, 4am PST

      • If you miss 1 grant, it will be held until the next time you log in. If you miss 2 or more grants, only 1 grants’ worth of bounty will be held until the next time you log in.

    • IMPORTANT NOTE: To redeem your grant, you may have to go to the world map and re-enter your base.

  • Use the Locator on the World Map to find bounty player targets. There are also NPC Targets for Bounty, but they won’t show in the Locator.

  • Destroy a base (at least 2 stars) to steal unsecured bounty

    • 2 stars = At least 50% base damage AND the Outpost destroyed

  • Reach a checkpoint and some unsecured bounty becomes secured (it cannot be stolen)

  • There are 4 checkpoints each day, plus one stretch checkpoint for hardcore PVPers

    • The fifth checkpoint has several progress prize milestones. Reach these to receive chests that pay out token prizes, uranium, and more!

    • Note that the first checkpoint location has changed from Season 3

  • Fight and secure bounty every day to maximize end-of-season bounty

  • For each “successful” base defense, you will be awarded bounty. This bounty is not stolen from the attacker. You can earn up to 5 such defense rewards per day. This quota is reset daily, timed to coincide with refreshing of checkpoints.

    • A “successful” base defense means the attacker earned less than 2 start and either:

      • Attacker took 10%+ damage during this time OR

      • Your base took 20%+ damage

    • Each successful defense earns you 200 Bounty. This can be earned up to 5 times each day.

  • King of the Nexus is back, except instead of gold it pays out Bounty. For alliances hived at a node, all members will receive a periodic drip of Bounty, however you cannot claim this Bounty until you opt in. Once opted in, we will give you any retroactive drips you were eligible for (if any, and only up to the stored drip cap), and any future drips. Expiration bonus is still only awarded to players in the hive at each Nexus when it expires. Anyone can claim or hive up at a Nexus as long as they have a Megaship; whether you are opted in only affected whether you can claim Bounty.

    • There will be 5 Nexuses per world

    • Nexuses will drip 25 Bounty every 60 minutes

    • There will be 2 rounds of Nexus spawns. The first set will last from Thurs, 12/28 at 10am - Fri, 12/29 at 3pm. The Nexus expiration bonus will be 2000 Bounty. You must log in and claim this bonus on Friday 12/1 from 3pm - 4:55pm PST.

    • Another round of Nexuses will spawn on Friday, 12/29 at 5pm and expire when the season ends. You will have until the end of the store to log in and claim the expiration bonus, which will be 4400 Bounty for the second set of Nexuses.

  • At the end of the event, spend secured and remaining unsecured bounty on prizes  

PvP Bounty Seasons

This PVP event is broken into “seasons”. Each season is a specified duration where you can steal Bounty by attacking other players who are also participating in the season.

The PvP Season will start for all worlds simultaneously; no staggering. The Bounty Store opens at the end of the Season, and will remain open for a limited time.

How to Join the Bounty Hunt

To take part in the PvP Season, you must first activate Bounty via your Outpost or the Bounty alert in the notification tray. To activate, you must be at least level 50 and have upgraded your Outpost to level 6 or higher.




Joining Bounty means that you will receive periodic Bounty grants, and that you can attack others to steal their Bounty. It also means that you become a valid target to steal from. You can choose if you want to participate at the beginning of each season. Once you join, you cannot opt out of a Season.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Joining the Bounty hunt immediately disables damage protection. (i.e. pops your bubble)  Once you have opted in to the PvP season, you cannot purchase damage protection during the season.

Players who have joined the Bounty Hunt are marked by the Bounty Icon next to their base on the World Map. The Bounty Icon will is larger and glows on targets that yield more bounty.

Increasing Bounty Level

Levelling up your Bounty level will give defensive boosts to your Outpost.


Bounty will automatically deactivate at the end of the season. Any Bounty expansions will not persist to the following seasons.

Secured vs Unsecured Bounty Points

Bounty Points can be granted, earned, stored, protected, and stolen during the Bounty Season.

Your total Bounty balance is displayed in the top left corner of the Bounty window, and next to your profile picture where Medals are usually shown. This total amount is subcategorized as Secured and Unsecured Bounty.

Unsecured Bounty is the amount of Bounty you own that can be stolen at any time. If you fail to defend your base, the attacker may take 40% of this Unsecured amount with each battle. Any Bounty you earn is always considered Unsecured at first.

To help you protect your Bounty, we’ve created Daily Checkpoints. Each day you will have 5 different Checkpoints available, accessible via the “Daily Goals” tab. Once your Unsecured Bounty crosses any Checkpoint threshold, that entire amount will be reclassified as Secured Bounty, which can no longer be stolen by other players.

Checkpoints 1-4 are a Bounty Hunter’s bread and butter; however, Checkpoint 5 is meant to be a challenge for only the most dedicated and ambitious.

Both Secured and Unsecured Bounty can be spent in the store at the end of the season.

Checkpoint Schedule

The Chest points are progress prizes only, they do not secure Bounty. Points listed below are the amounts required from one checkpoint to the next. Note that all chest prizes are between Checkpoints 4 and 5.





Checkpoint 1





Checkpoint 2





Checkpoint 3





Checkpoint 4





Chest - 2000

Chest - 2000

Chest - 2000

Chest - 8000

Chest - 5000

Chest - 5000

Chest - 5000

Chest - 16000

Chest - 9000

Chest - 9000

Chest - 9000

Chest - 32000

Checkpoint 5





Any unspent Bounty will be lost once the Bounty Store closes.  


As you progress through Checkpoint 5, look for mini prizes such as Chests along Milestone markers. When your Unsecured Bounty crosses these tick marks, you will be granted the listed items. If a player loses bounty and gains it again, milestone prizes cannot be redeemed multiple times.

Earning Bounty

  • All participants will be seeded the same amount of Bounty when they opt in to the Bounty season

  • Bounty is granted every 6 hours during the Season. To redeem it, players must be logged in, and may also have to enter their base from the world map.

  • Players receive Bounty by earning at least 2 stars in a base combat against a player who is also opted into Bounty. The amount of Bounty stolen is 40% of your opponent’s unsecured Bounty.

  • You earn Bounty by attacking a participant who a) are also participating in the PvP Season and b) has more unsecured Bounty than you.

    • Participating players are signified with a symbol next to their base and can be found via the Locator.

    • Clicking on any base with a Bounty icon will tell you how much Bounty you can potentially earn from defeating that player.

    • You may not attack members of your own Alliance for Bounty. Attacking an alliance member will not earn you Bounty.

    • You can still attack someone with less unsecured Bounty than you, or someone who has not opted in to Bounty during a PvP Season, however you will not earn or lose Bounty from these combats.


    • If you attack a player and their Outpost is still destroyed from a previous combat, you will not earn any Bounty from the battle.

  • You can also earn bounty by destroying NPC base targets. These will spawn around Relay Towers regularly.

    • Bandit-Occupied Base level 85 pays out 50, level 96 pays out 100

    • Keep an eye out for Bandit Jackpot Hoards for significantly higher payouts!

    • Jackpot Hoard targets only spawn very rarely at random times.

  • You will also win and lose Medals during Bounty based on normal rules, but it will not be displayed as prominently.

  • Bounty and Medal information will still be located in the Battle Log.

Damage Protection

There is a different set of damage protection rules that will apply to people who have opted to participate in the PvP Season.

As mentioned above, any existing damage protection will immediately expire upon opting into the season. You will not be able to purchase damage protection during the season.

Damage protection for Season participants works differently than standard damage protection rules during the season. See Table below for bubble rules while opted in for the season.

For example:

Total Base Damage

Bounty Bubble

Normal Bubble

Less than 25%

No bubble

No bubble


2 hour

12 hours


3 hours

24 hours


4 hours

36 hours


4 hours

36 hours

PvP Store:

Once the PvP Season is ended, a PvP Store will open. The Store will open for a few days after the Season is over. You can look at items in the store while the Season is active, but will not be allowed to purchase until the Season is over.

Redeeming a prize removes that amount of Bounty from your balance.

Any unspent Bounty at the end of the Store period will be removed.

Notable Features of PvP Bounty Seasons

Conqueror Repair Queue

During the PvP Season, Conqueror fleets will have a second repair queue that can only be used for Conqueror fleets. Eligible fleets will be noted with a Conqueror symbol and have a different background color in the Dock.

You can use this Conqueror repair queue in tandem with the normal repair queue. This repair queue is only active during the Season to players who are opted in. Note that a Conqueror fleet can also repair in the normal queue, such that two Conqueror fleets can repair at the same time (one in each queue).


When opted in, “Bounty Targets” will be a new option in the Locator. This will show someone with more unsecured Bounty than you and within the normal base hitting level rules and that are not currently bubbled.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is still possible for another player to hit a base listed in the locator as your fleet is travelling to it. Thus, it may be the case that your target is flattened on arrival. Unfortunately, your only option is to look for another target.


Three new Bounty-related leaderboards have been included. They include Current Bounty, Season Highest Bounty, and All-Time High Bounty earned.


Don’t want to participate? Easy! Don’t activate Bounty. You will not be opted into the PvP Season and are exempt from earning Bounty. You will not have access to the PvP Store once the PvP Season has ended. You can change your mind and join the PvP Season anytime by activating Bounty at your Outpost before the opt-in period ends.

People can still hit your base if you’re not participating in the Season, they just won’t steal any Bounty because you have no Bounty. You can still lose your medals and resources from normal base attacks.

You may still purchase damage protection as usual if you have not opted into the Season.

If you have technical questions, please submit a ticket here.
Having trouble submitting a ticket? Try this link.
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  • CM Major_Rampage
    CM Major_Rampage
    KIXEYE Community Manager
    Joined Jul 2017 Posts: 1,261





    12 Hour Ship Build Tokens (max 1 for sale)

    Concussive Plates IV

    Concussive Platform Plating IV


    24 hour Structure build token (max 1)

    Thermonuclear Launcher


    Hedgehog Mortar

    Delta-V Mortar Focus

    Concussive Plates V



    Fuel Air Munitions II

    Concussive Plates VI

    Flail Rockets

    Flanged Warheads

    Elite Countermeasure Turret x1



    Crusher Cannon


    Punch Drive System


    Epic Cataclysm x1

    Cannibal Wendigo x1



    King's Writ Skin



    2x Boulderfist

    If you have technical questions, please submit a ticket here.
    Having trouble submitting a ticket? Try this link.
    Not sure about the rules
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