Good Units for Offensive Toons

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What Kind of Units make good offensive Toons
  • VanillaGorilla 2016
    VanillaGorilla 2016
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    Phalanx and technicals in my opinion.
  • Gudari43
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    Ardra & Jug make a formidable combination especially once Jug gains +500 range.  
  • Axel L
    Axel L
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    This is clearly based on your preferences of units that you enjoy using. I do at this state of the game have few different main offensive units which can be used effectively in combination with other units.
    • Main Ground Units
      • Jericho
      • Growler
      • Ardra
      • Juggernaut
      • Technical
    • Other Ground Units
      • Sunder | Vindicator
      • Purifier
      • Roland
      • Liberator | Weaver
    • Airborne
      • Deena
      • Pandora
      • Oren
      • Bonesaw
      • Valiant
      • Fury | Nyx
      • Titan
      • Sandstorm
      • Blackout
    Every unit I use has a different core purpose for a different object and I do also in addition to that change up the platoons frequently to fit my needs to a maximum.
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  • Mulliganaceous
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    Liberators, Phalanxes, Technicals, and the newest Uniques tend to be the best for offense.
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