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Favorite/Best mobile game I’ve found in years. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to actually PLAY.

E-Lite Forces
E-Lite Forces
Joined Nov 2017 Posts: 1

Please increase oil production significantly. 2x or 3x. The other suggestions about oil being awarded for PvP or War Zone battles only invite the cheating and collusion that wrecks every game in existence.
I’ve been playing just over a week and I’m in for $55US. I’m now lvl 28. My platoons cost 4-5k oil. My oil wells produce 28K oil/day. I’d LOVE to play this game several times a day for an hour or so. If I am ambitious and lose my 2 platoons, it will be ~10 hrs before I can play again without spending money. I’m willing to spend some money, but $5 every time I want to attack 10-12 bases? Who can afford that?

  • Chris Hall63
    Chris Hall63
    Joined Nov 2017 Posts: 9

    They don't care .. it's not about fun for them .. it's about the $$$..
    I personally would like a refund for the monies I've spent .. they've changed the game so much
    It's not even the same game anymore ..

  • kixeyeuser_727139343_2165_1827944
    Joined May 2017 Posts: 8

    It is a very expensive game to play. Pricing doesn't make much sense in this game... That's why I got Sudden Strike 4 on PS4 which is far superior in terms of value and quality than this game...

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