Siege Squadron Boss Base Briefing

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A rogue group of Ravagers have taken over parts of the World Map! They have fully operational Siege Squadrons that threaten to throw the Sector into chaos. We need your help to stop them in their tracks.


The Siege Squadron Boss Base spawns at 12:00am PST on the following days:

  • Sunday, December 17th

  • Thursday, December 28th

    • Please note that Shadow Ops: Fallen Angels will not be active on this day, so you will not be able to win Shadow Ops Points

  • Sunday, December 31st


In order to achieve victory against the Siege Squadron Boss, you must kill all Units in the Base.


A successful battle grants Elite Siege Squadron Parts. You need 40 Elite Parts to upgrade your Siege Squadron to Elite, which increases the amount of planes in your Squadron from one to three. This increases the rate of Ravagers dropped from your Siege Squadron from one to three, as well as unlocking a new range of upgrade levels for Ravagers. Please note that Ravagers are upgraded separately from the Siege Squadron.

  • Unlike other uniques, the Ravagers can not increase in Tier until the Siege Squadron has been upgraded.

    • Standard Siege Squadron: Ravagers Max Level 20

    • Elite Siege Squadron: Ravagers Max Level 30

    • Omega Siege Squadron: Ravagers Max Level 40


There are a total of three Siege Squadrons that you need to destroy over the course of this fight, each more difficult than the last.  Defeating the Rogue Ravagers and their Siege Squadrons will not be easy, but there are few tricks you can use to fight your way to victory.

Since Ravagers are continually spawned by the Siege Squadrons, if you start falling behind their numbers, they’ll completely overwhelm your troops and you’ll have no chance.  If you start falling behind, escape with what you can before you lose even more troops!

The Squadrons themselves are most susceptible to dedicated anti-air units such as the Hades, Seeker, or Technical, but those units won’t do anything against the Ravagers.  So, we feel our best strategy is to use one unit type to distract or destroy the Ravagers and another unit type to focus down the Siege Squadrons themselves.  Only by finding the proper balance between offense and defense will we win this fight!

We will be opening this thread on Monday, December 12th so members of the game team can discuss strategy with you!

Good luck, Commanders.

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