Shockwave crash

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This is getting a bit ridiculous.  First off, the Sentinels 180 Omega Herald bases are a bit much considering the level of difficulty for the return, but when I can normally do one with about 2 hours repair time only to have shockwave crash when I have heavy hitters in the base and now have over a day repair time? Not acceptable.  I know I am not the only one that has complained about the crashes.  Something really needs to be done about this.  IF it is my fault and I get the repair time, my bad and that is one me but this is just, and forgive my forwardness, bull ****.
  • Alan006
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    Make sure your shockwave has no updates. Then I would go into Adobe shockwave settings and make sure the global storage settings are at maximum. Also go into both website privacy settings panel & website storage settings panels and delete any sites in them.. These should help some. 
  • ENKI666
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    This lag is ridiculous.  Can't attack anything because it crashes.. I'm having the same issue... 
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