Mega Hull waste of uranium and time

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What is the point to a game that high lvl players can take the metal alloy frm you after spending uranium and the time it take to research the crap! I see no point to these mega crap things. Please kix can we have a delete button for them? They are just annoying and no fun!. PFF!
FIX this game as it is full of glitches and bugs. DO NOT UPDATE THE GAME BECAUSE YOU KNOW IT CAUSES MORE GLITCHES AND MAKES THE GAME UN_PLAYABLE FFS! why do you do that when you have been told by almost everyone that plays this game Grrrrrrrrrrrrr STOP MESSING US ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The current best way to keep your MS safe is to have a few sectors away from your base and under something.
  • HowHigh
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    Im looking at it as an investment, so it better be worth the hours.
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    Yeah have to agree with this thread. Onced u've watched 2 or 3 battles u realise the guy attacking from the back nearly always wins. I Won't be looking to build a gantry for one anytime soon.
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    HowHigh said:
    Im looking at it as an investment, so it better be worth the hours. 
    if you go in with high expectations, you will be disappointed...  I ONLY planned to use it for crafting VXP tokens... I can make 3 of them per day, which is fantastic.... certainly beats hitting salvages for weeks trying to rank Conqueror hulls!!
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    don't build waste of time
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    Always said best way to use them is park it on top of your worst ennemy's base.  It pisses them off big time and except mooving their base there is nothing they can do about it

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    i have ONLY used mine for crafting the VXP conqueror tokens... i have found it extremely useful!!!  for 30K titanium per day I get 3x5K VXP conqueror tokens...  great deal if you ask me!
    Its worth building it, if only for this one use.

    Build it, park it someplace where you don't have to look at it, and forget about it.
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    how people find dead posts from overdiscussed topics last year i don't know
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    how people find dead posts from overdiscussed topics last year i don't know

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    I completed mine with all the upgrades about 2 months ago. Obtaining the resources , especially the titanium, is still easy. Nice it's one last major resources refills need to do.

    Think the mega ship thing has died or anyone building has completed. My mega hasn't been hit for parts for almost a year prior to finishing.

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