Downtime & Update Release Notes - 2017.12.06

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Rebels, we will be taking downtime tonight (Wednesday, December 6th). The following player-facing changes are being implemented:

  • While December’s monthly event will be a RECKONING, January is the month of DEFIANCE. The January event will conclude the AXIS Season and be a refresher of all the content that has released in the latter half of 2017, and all support for this event is going into the game now.

  • Alliance War is upon us! On December 14th, battle other Rebels in the Unstable Sector to claim Mining Outposts and earn valuable Solar Shards. Unlock higher tiers of the event store, and unlock powerful prizes with Intel earned through PvP. More details released next week.

  • VEGA Conflict is getting in the holiday spirit - a new app icon and splash screen will be visible upon loading the game, and we will be running 12 Days of Login Gifts to celebrate the spirit of the season. More details to come closer to the starting date.

  • Sometime in December, we will be enabling a NEWS icon on the HUD. Clicking this icon will take you to the VEGA Conflict News Feed, where important announcements and event briefings will go up regularly.

  • We’ve added Xeno and AXIS targets to Supply Runs. We’ve also re-named existing Supply Runs to be hull-specific (i.e. Cruiser Supply Run, Destroyer Supply Run, Battleship Supply Run, etc). The new Supply Runs will begin December 18th.

  • Support for New Resource Supply Runs for Helium-3, Mineral Ore, and Antimatter, which all begin December 18th.

  • FIX: Fleet Bay Upgrade now shows correct gold cost in Build Queue

  • General Bug Fixes and Visual Improvements.

  • CM NOTE: When we move to our Weekly Schedule, Non-Feature Events will no longer have a banner! To view an activity store and your current point totals, visit the in-game calendar, which can be found by clicking the icon in the top right corner of your base view.

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