Mega Tokens

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I was under the impression that the build tokens for modules works like every other tokens in the game. If I use a zelos token, it can be used to refit or build a zealos.

However, the mega tokens doesnt work that way, they can ONLY be used for the first build - not any upgrades/fitting after that. 

Is that really intended? All those events where you could get tokens, and those tokens can only be used for the first, initial build? 

  • The_Vengeful_One
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    I believe that they do work for refits, but it is working as intended. That is why there are tokens called xyz upgrade token.
  • Templar614
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    For megas there are two types of tokens. Upgrade tokens, and build tokens.

    Build tokens work towards the initial building of the module.

    Upgrade tokens work towards upgrading the module.
  • zantil
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    Thanks for clearing that up for me. Such a shame that I only have buildtokens, any upgradetokens must have been given in different campains than I have been able to take part in. 
  • Yamato
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    Tokens are still not working correctly, I have been sending tickets for about 8 months regarding this with screenshots.....non of my tokens work for building, upgrading etc, the responses I got from kixeye is that the tech team is working on it....but yet after 8 months and further tickets I get the same reply "Our tech team are working on the issue"....well, after all these months you are telling me the tech team still cant fix it?  Then what is the point of continuing to do the MEGA Campaign if the **** tokens dont work...I'm also an experienced player playing from the start of the game so do know the difference between the tokens etc.  For example I have 4x of the same token reducing upgrade by 6 hours I might win another in campaign making it 5, the latest one I win will work but the 4 older ones still dont work.  This is the same with all the other various MEGA tokens I won in the past....all don't work
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