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Thanks for doing something to the lag.   Now when I stop moving my flts in battle, I can actually see them slide to a stop.  Do not know if the flts got heavier and it takes longer for them to stop or they think they are playing baseball and are sliding into home plate.  If, they are safe at home do I get a prize.  lol  At least they are not jumping all over the screen anymore.
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    yes it's still there nothing new to that LOL
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    logged on went into a reaver 102 with subs it was lag city didnt even attempt it logged off again **** this game is getting impossible to play
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    kix doesnt care more lag, more damage more coin to them
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    kix doesnt care more lag, more damage more coin to them

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    Not to go off topic, but anyone else think maybe the ships have learned to do the cha cha slide? 

    ... back to your regularly scheduled program - the lag only seems to be in some of the higher level targets - me thinks it's a memory leak problem between the server and the targets.
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    Our group has started to call them Zombie fleets....for obvious reasons.
    I will be following this thread with interest. Please carry on.
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    this is an old flash game
    it is graphically intensive
    it is what it is
    there is no magic on/off switch for lag.
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    it is a game on a slippery **** and picking up speed
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    The defense grids its literally about a 1 hr fix at most. Edit the code so the walls are always up. If the person that made that code can't do that in less than a hour you pay them way too much. That one being so simple to do and the fact they said they would get that done over 4 months ago pretty much says they are being lazy or simply don't care to take the 1 hour time to do it.

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    If you're using Windows 10, they released an update recently and your computer is probably downloading it in the background. 

    Make sure it's done before starting the game again, as it can hog your connection and cause lag.
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