12/5 Update Notes

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Howdy Captains,

After last week we have a relatively low key week for you.  We have the start of the winter State of the Game and the start of our Weekly Holiday Events.

State of the Game

Return of the 4 Month Cycle: We're slowing down the pace in 2018 -- instead of four event cycles in the year, we're moving to 3. Garrison targets move exclusively to the FM cycle, with periodic updates through the year to keep things interesting and new Garrison prizes in each cycle’s raid. The 3 cycles are Siege from January - April, Assault from May - August, and Skirmish from September on.

Expeditions Embarking Soon: Expeditions provide automated resource gathering. Choose an Expedition, assign a fleet, and fight a single battle to set the resource gathering in motion. How you do in the target determines how quickly you get the resources -- shoot for the best run you can get, just like in Blitz. Periodically your fleet will return to drop off resources and then leave to gather more without any further action from you. When your fleet is recalled or finishes its Expedition, it returns fully repaired.

Lower Weapon Build Times: Starting with this release we will be setting all pre-T6 weapons to a lower build time to allow you to finish your fleets much quicker. Further, T1-4 Research weapons have had their build times cut by a large amount to promote early-gameplay.

Full State of the Game: Here  (<--- Click Link)

Weekly Holiday Rewards

Balance and Bug Fixes:

All bug fixes were corrected in hotfixes this week.

Discuss: here (<--- Click Link)

If you have technical questions, please submit a ticket here.
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    I got these from the discussion thread and adding them here so they are easier to find.

    For those of your curious about the new build times:  
    The average reduction in build time is about 50%

    Name                                         New Build Time in Seconds
    Deep Sea Countermeasure27576
    Gale Defense System I7660
    Gale Defense System II14401
    Gale Defense System III24512
    Hailstorm Anti-Mortar A7354
    Hailstorm Anti-Mortar B14707
    Hailstorm Anti-Mortar C29414
    Hailstorm Anti-Mortar D29414
    Hellstorm Anti-Mortar I5
    Hellstorm Anti-Mortar II30
    Hellstorm Anti-Mortar III60
    Hellstorm Anti-Mortar IV300
    Assault Cannon D33-A4902
    Assault Cannon D33-P6741
    Assault Cannon D33-X6741
    Assault Cannon D33-Z10418
    Assault Disruptor D33-D4290
    Assault Disruptor D33-DR10418
    Bypass Chaingun I17465
    Bypass Chaingun II27270
    Bypass Chaingun III39832
    Crossbow I6741
    Crossbow II10418
    Crossbow III27270
    Earthshaker Cannon7047
    Hammer Cannon24512
    Penance Cannon30640
    Mortifier Cannon38300
    Impact Cannon D30-A450
    Impact Cannon D30-L980
    Impact Cannon D30-N4902
    Impact Cannon D30-R2145
    Mauser Cannon22980
    Millennium Gun21754
    Particle Accelerator Cannon17465
    PAC Second Weapon17465
    Quake Cannon14094
    Railgun D-11019303
    Reaver Chaingun I10418
    Reaver Chaingun II17465
    Reaver Chaingun III27270
    Ripper Cannon IVresearch
    Scrambler Cannon14707
    Shredder Cannon I5822
    Shredder Cannon II7354
    Shredder Cannon III14707
    Siege Cannon D35-L6741
    Siege Cannon D35-S735
    Siege Cannon D35-W2145
    Siege Cannon D35-X8273
    Siege Cannon D35-Z858
    Thud Cannon I5
    Thud Cannon II30
    Thud Cannon III60
    Thud Cannon IV300
    Assault Torpedoes D63-Z8886
    Assault Torpedoes D63-B7966
    Assault Torpedoes D63-R5515
    Assault Torpedoes D63-V6741
    Assault Torpedoes D63-X6741
    Skirmish Torpedoes D63-R16852
    Charon Torpedo18384
    Concussive Gatling Gun (No Ramp) [1st]28189
    Concussive Gatling Gun (Max Ramp) [1st]28189
    Concussive Reciprocator (No Ramp)15933
    Concussive Reciprocator (Max Ramp)15933
    Cryonic Depth Charge5515
    Garwood Gatling Gun (No Ramp)19610
    Garwood Gatling Gun (Max Ramp)19610
    Excalibur Gatling Gun (No Ramp)44734
    Excalibur Gatling Gun (Max Ramp)44734
    Mousetrap Depth Charge19916
    Piranha Depth Charge I14707
    Piranha Depth Charge II29721
    Piranha Depth Charge III44122
    Poseidon Depth Charge I1676
    Poseidon Depth Charge II9192
    Poseidon Depth Charge III19916
    Houndstooth Depth Charge24512
    Wolvestooth Depth Charge30334
    Siege Torpedoes D65-C9498
    Siege Torpedoes D65-D11030
    Siege Torpedoes D65-S9498
    Siege Torpedoes D65-Z15320
    Styx Torpedo30640
    Fire Twister Torpedo17158
    Mayhem Torpedo15320
    Delirium Torpedo27567
    Nightmare Torpedo35236
    Vortex Torpedoes D61-A3675
    Vortex Torpedoes D61-M3675
    Vortex Torpedoes D61-T3675
    Vortex Torpedoes D61-Z3370
    Calamity Scattergun18384
    Cobra Scattergun20835
    Cobra Scattergun II20835
    Conflagration Scattergun20835
    Heavy Scattergun D81-H61280
    Ruin Scattergun25431
    Raze Scattergun25431
    Sinful Scattergun25431
    Scattergun D81-M5620
    Assault Mortar D73-C15626
    Assault Mortar D73-M15626
    Assault Mortar D73-R15626
    Assault Mortar D73-X19610
    Astros Rockets22980
    Assault Rockets D93-C21754
    Assault Rockets D93-M21754
    Assault Rockets D93-R21754
    Assault Rockets D93-S19303
    Siege Rockets D100-S33704
    Siege Rockets D100-V33704
    Flail Rockets39219
    Chaos Mortar20529
    Dragonfire Rockets74762
    Firestorm Rockets D91-A1649
    Firestorm Rockets D91-L1649
    Firestorm Rockets D91-N1649
    Firestorm Rockets D91-S8273
    Coaxial Firestorm (Rockets) aka (Primary)24512
    Coaxial Firestorm (Mortar) aka (Primary)24512
    Inferno Rockets18078
    Lockdown Rockets18384
    Maelstrom Rockets V39832
    Judgment Mortar33704
    Adapted Imperial Mortar D100-Z33704
    Combat Mortar O/U-1041364
    Siege Mortar D85-D41364
    Torpid Mortar35236
    Hedgehog Mortar35236
    Negotiator Mortar I2528
    Negotiator Mortar II5822
    Negotiator Mortar III11643
    Pandemonium Mortar27270
    Searing Barrage Mortar11292
    Shockwave Mortar D71-A6434
    Shockwave Mortar D71-L9805
    Shockwave Mortar D71-N8579
    Shockwave Mortar D71-Q10724
    Siege Mortar D75-B16852
    Siege Mortar D75-D24512
    Siege Mortar D75-S12562
    Siege Mortar D75-V21448
    Siege Rockets D95-D56378
    Siege Rockets D95-F56378
    Siege Rockets D95-S24206
    Siege Rockets D95-W56378
    Achilles Missile D55-B3370
    Hornet UAV16852
    Antipode Launcher D98-U31253
    Blaze Thrower16546
    Cyclone Launcher24206
    Cryo Launcher D104-N19916
    Cryo Launcher D104-S8273
    Impulse Launcher D92-F16239
    Impulse Launcher D92-S7047
    Impulse Launcher D92-U8273
    Squall Launcher21448
    Thermonuclear Launcher49024
    Thermonuclear Launcher (Secondary Weapon)49024
    Magma Thrower19610
    Tephra Thrower19916
    Polonium Thrower22980
    Heavy Lance Missile60667
    Heavy Garwood Gatling Gun147072
    Heavy Garwood Gatling Gun (Max Ramp)147072
    Heavy Ragnarok Mortar67408
    Thud Cannon5
    Thud Cannon5
    Thud Cannon5
    Thud Cannon30
    Rapier Missiles5
    Rapier Missiles5
    Rapier Missiles5
    Rapier Missiles30
    Diplomat Mortar5
    Diplomat Mortar5
    Diplomat Mortar5
    Diplomat Mortar30
    Ripper Cannon30
    Ripper Cannon30
    Ripper Cannon30
    Ripper Cannon30
    Hydra Rockets30
    Hydra Rockets30
    Hydra Rockets30
    Hydra Rockets30
    Cutlass Missiles30
    Cutlass Missiles30
    Cutlass Missiles30
    Cutlass Missiles30
    Cutlass Missiles30
    Cutlass Missiles30
    Cutlass Missiles30
    Cutlass Missiles30
    Peacemaker Mortar30
    Peacemaker Mortar30
    Peacemaker Mortar30
    Peacemaker Mortar30
    Maelstrom Rockets60
    Maelstrom Rockets60
    Maelstrom Rockets60
    Maelstrom Rockets60
    Havok Torpedoes5
    Havok Torpedoes5
    Havok Torpedoes30
    Havok Torpedoes30
    Hellstorm Anti-Mortar30
    Hellstorm Anti-Mortar30
    Hellstorm Anti-Mortar30
    Hellstorm Anti-Mortar60
    Howitzer Cannon5
    Howitzer Cannon5
    Howitzer Cannon5
    Howitzer Cannon30
    Howitzer Cannon30
    Sentinel Missiles5
    Sentinel Missiles30
    Sentinel Missiles30
    Sentinel Missiles30
    Cerberus Rockets5
    Cerberus Rockets30
    Cerberus Rockets30
    Cerberus Rockets60
    Cerberus Rockets300
    Flak Gun5
    Flak Gun30
    Flak Gun60
    Flak Gun300
    Bombard Rockets5
    Bombard Rockets30
    Bombard Rockets60
    Bombard Rockets300
    Victory Mortar5
    Victory Mortar30
    Victory Mortar30
    Victory Mortar60
    Victory Mortar60

    For those wanting to do the math to figure out the this is the 2 step way of doing it.

    Enter the time in this site 


    When you get a strange decimal that is a fraction of an hour, use this chart to decipher it.  


    For example:

    Delirium Torpedo:27567sec converts to 7.66hrs thats 7h40m
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