Final Bounty Nexus Payout Problems

CM Major_Rampage
CM Major_Rampage
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Howdy Folks,

We had a problem this morning with payout from the final Nexus.  We are pulling the data now and we will be crediting everyone who would have qualified for a payout. 

The first payout went to everyone in an Alliance if their Alliance held the Nexus as it expired.  This was only intended to apply to players who were connected to the Nexus at the time.  

We are going to be manually crediting players with the following conditions:
  • Your Alliance held a Nexus as it expired
  • You had a Mega Ship built
The players that meet this criteria are going be credited 4500 Bounty per Nexus that their Alliance held as the event ended.
If you have technical questions, please submit a ticket here.
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