New Weekly Calendar (Rollout begins December 11th)

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Starting December 11th, we will be slowly rolling VEGA Conflict into a regular weekly activity cadence, which will be fully ramped up by the start of January. This should allow the activities that we see functioning as “Support” or “Power Up” activities (Strikes, Crafting, RIOT, etc) to be predictable, regular, and to exist more as options for what to do during your daily sessions of VC, rather than as must-compete events. We anticipate that this will mean more variation and choice in what players can do during the day.

Certain activities will be adjusted to serve this purpose. Details are below:


Feature Events will continue to start at 3PM PST. All other activities will begin and end/refresh at 8AM PST. This will begin December 11th.


We are moving to a one-feature-event-per-week schedule starting in January. These feature events will always run between Thursday and Saturday. The order of these events will be as follows (remember, this will be for January):

Week 1: Monthly Event

Week 2: Decimation

Week 3: Alliance War

Week 4: Decimation

The one-off Feature Event schedule for December will be:

Week 1: Monthly Event

Week 2: Alliance War

Week 3: Decimation

Week 4: Decimation


Expanding off its recent format, Decimation will no longer be unique to Alien targets.


Based on player feedback, a one-stop shop was preferred for a crafting event. As such, we’ll be revamping our old Mobilization to provide crafting materials for Xeno and AXIS, and it will contain targets from a greater range of tiers, as well.


RIOT will stay the same as it is now, and will alternate between Ship Time Token and Module Time Token as the listed prizes.


Strikes will now be 24 hours only and will run daily. On the first and third Sunday of the month, we will run all 3 Strikes simultaneously. Strikes will get a few adjustments now that they’re on a shorter time period. Details to come.


Civil War will stay the same as it is now. It will run on the second and fourth Sunday of the month.


On December 18th, we are adding Xeno and AXIS Crafting Material Supply Runs to the schedule. This will be the final landing place of a faction’s crafting materials after it trickles down through the Monthly Event, Decimation, then the Crafting Event.


On December 18th, we are adding high-level Resource Supply Runs to the schedule.


In January, we will begin issuing login gifts every day. These refresh at 8AM PST.


Civil War and Alliance War will have Ship Repair discounts that run for the first 24 hours they are live. For the month of December there will be a 20% Ship Build Discount on the 17th at 3PM PST, and a 20% Ship Refit Discount on the 21st at 3PM PST.

Here is what this final schedule will look like, once everything is fully deployed:


We will also be adding several new Markets into rotation, which will refresh at 8AM PST. They will be added into rotation on December 11th, and they are listed below:


Good luck, Rebels!

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