Rodney Williams
Rodney Williams
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With the new KING how can any of us do the Bounty. The safe Points couldn't be reach last time 10k was to much for a daily total.  So our bounty will be just farmed by those who have the KINGS.  LIke to do the Bounty but feel this time would have no chance to reach safe points before the Bounty is taken.  Bases should begin to auto repair after 2 hours so players can't hide behind a dead base. If you enter the bounty your base should be fair game. Safe points should within reach to keep players interested in doing the bounty. Most quite after the first day.
  • AsgardDescending
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    KIngs has already been farming my base and if this goes on I will quit every single bounty. Anyways it would be impossible to reach the goal if there ain't any ways to stop kings. Not gonna let my base trashed by participating in bounty
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