Remote Targeting Explained

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What is Remote Targeting?
Remote targeting is an ability that some ships have that allow them to fire past their maximum weapon range in certain situations. At the writing of this post, remote targeting only exists for mortars and missiles.

How does it work? 
In combat you will notice a yellow range ring around ships with remote targeting. That is their remote targeting range, or RTR. Any enemy that is within the RTR, as well as the normal firing range of a friendly ship with a surface weapon can be fired on using remote targeting.

In the below picture, the ship to the far right is my "Spotter" and the ship to the far left is my RTR hull.

The red X represent enemies that the RTR ship CANNOT fire at.
  • The one above the ship is within the RTR circle, but there is not a nearby friendly ship to spot it.
  • The X closer to the friendly ship is far enough away that it is outside of the maximum remote targeting range.

The green O represent the enemies that can be fired upon by the RTR ship.
  • The closest enemy is obviously within normal firing range.
  • The second O is within the RTR circle AND within the normal firing range of a friendly hull which makes it a valid target.

Understanding Remote Targeting Stats
When looking at a hull with remote targeting equipped there will be 3 stats present. To demonstrate this, I grabbed the stats from two ships. The Monolith on the left and the Mastodon on the right.

Remote Targeting Range - which tells you how far past your normal range you can fire. This is in addition to any modifiers you may have on the fleet. For example, if after bonuses your ship has a range of 100, the remote targeting range would be 200 for the Monolith  and 175 for the Mastodon.
  • It is important to note that remote targeting range is determined separately for each weapon. Mixing weapons with different ranges does not allow the shorter range weapon to fire at the same maximum RTR as the longer range weapon. There is not a separate range ring displayed for the shorter ranged weapon, so that makes it a guessing game when using mixed range weapons.
Remote Targeting Type - tells you which weapon types the selected hull has the remote targeting ability for.
The Monolith has RTR for mortars, while the Mastodon has it for missiles. Currently, there are not any ships that have both missile and mortar remote targeting. 

Remote Targeting Falloff - tells you what the maximum penalty for using remote targeting. As soon as it starts firing at something outside of it's weapon range a damage penalty applies. The penalty scales up the further and further you get from the normal weapon range to the maximum penalty at the maximum remote targeting range.
  • The Monolith has no penalty for using remote targeting. Meaning that everything that it fires at takes full damage. 
  • The Mastodon, however, has a penalty of -60% damage at max range. There is less of a penalty the closer to the Mastodon that the target it is, and it scales up the further away the target is up to the maximum 60% penalty.

Other Requirements
Most of these only apply to the ships spotting for the RTR ships.
  • Only surface weapons can spot for remote targeting.
    • If using a sub such as a Tigershark with a surface weapon, it will only spot while surfaced.
  • Underwater weapons do not count, unless specifically stated otherwise on the blueprint.
  • Countermeasures do not count, unless specifically stated otherwise on the blueprint.
  • Secondary firing modes are not used for spotting, unless specifically stated otherwise on the blueprint.
  • Invalid spotting weapons:
    • Torpedoes are underwater weapons and do not count.
    • Sinful and Cobra Scatteguns are underwater weapons and do not count.
    • Deluge and Downpour Missiles are underwater weapons and do not count.
    • Switchblade Anti-Missile has a countermeasure as it's primary firing mode. The secondary firing mode does not count.
  • Exceptions to the rules:
    • Coaxial Firestorm - The primary firing mode is a rocket, and the secondary is a mortar. The blueprint description specifically says that the secondary mortar is capable of both spotting for remote targeting as well as firing using remote targeting.
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