How can I cancel a purchase befor it is taken from my bank account? HELP I cannot afford this to hap

I clicked buy by mistake for Tideseeker fleet. how do I cancel before it is taken from my bank account? HELP!
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    OK, 2 things.
    1) This is the FAQ Forums hidden from the main forums. Im afraid the odds of you getting useful advice from KIXEYE reps, like mods or CM's or Customer Support is near non-existent, just sayin'.
    2) I can think of maybe 3 ways you might, I distinctly say might, be able to cancel this purchase. No guarantees it'll work though.

    A | If made via Facebook, you could try contesting the purchase in your account settings.

    B | Almost certainly never going to work, but you could try hitting up KIXEYE CS if you have access and getting them to refund it. Odds are though they won't refund it. At best they'll revoke the purchase and compensate you an equivalent in Gold.

    C | I think some banking services of sorts let you reverse recent charges made with your card, though I would expect this is quite difficult, especially if you in a technical sense authorised the purchase. I would only imagine this is possible in circumstances that your card may have been stolen. Its also worth noting that I think even if your bank does let you reverse the charge that KIXEYE may ban your account in response. I don't remember but I think some folks have alluded in the past that KIXEYE may do this for anyone who tries getting their money back in ways like this.

    Like I said, odds are low that any of these will work. Option A might be your best bet. In the meantime, I recommend not leaving card details on accounts in the future so you don't accidentally drop money on purchases you don't want.
    Good luck.
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