11/10 Update on FM Targets for next week

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Howdy Captains,

Thank you for continued passionate feedback about the update to the FM.  We scheduled the new FM the week before the event so that we had time to collect your feedback and make adjustments to help improve the FM experience, given that we were making a few changes at the same time.

As many of you may have seen in the recent comments of our Executive Producer, the entire team has been working around the clock due to your reactions to the changes to the FM. The team has been looking at the past, present and future of the FM, and we all agree that our handling of the Garrison Targets should have been better.  

That being said, in addition to an increase in points pay out and prize cost reductions,  we are going to be making some changes to the targets to help bring them more in line with your expectations for Garrison Targets.

In the 115 target we are going to be removing the Legion ships which have made the target feel much more like an Assault / Garrison Hybrid. Instead there is going to be a new fleet of Draconian ships that are going to be docked and defending the base, their primary weapons are going to be UAVs.

We are also going to be releasing a new “bridge” target designed to help get players into the 115.  This is going to be the 111. It will be similar to the 115 but will deal less damage and have a smaller points payout. This target will be available for a limited time to help players learn and adapt to the new target structure.

The team is currently at work on these targets. We are going to have an internal test of them on Monday. Then if we are satisfied with them, we will preview them to a select group of players on Tuesday. We will being using their feedback to make sure that these targets meet their expectations for a Garrison Target.

Should both the internal and player review go well, you can expect to see these targets Wednesday in the start of the new FM cycle.

One of the challenging parts of this experience has been that identifying the problem, coming up with a solution and executing that solution all takes time to make sure that it is done properly.  We didn’t want to rush into any changes and have them not turn out to be the appropriate answer.

The entire Battle Pirates team would like to thank you once more for you passionate feedback during this time of change.

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